Yoast SEO 3.8

In the latest release of our flagship plugin, Yoast SEO 3.8, we’ve made several enhancements and fixed some bugs. In addition to that, we’ve made some new strides in our continuing quest for better accessibility of our products. Our other plugins also received numerous updates, in particular, Video SEO.

Accessibility first

As we’ve said many times before, the web should be accessible for everyone. We’re working hard to do our part. What better product to enhance than our own. We’ve made several improvements in Yoast SEO 3.8 to make it easier to use for people using screenreaders, for instance.

Tooltips on tab icons are now accessible, the screenreader text for the readability tab is improved, and we fixed a bug regarding VoiceOver in the readability and keyword tabs. In addition to that, we’ve added a check to prevent sitemaps from having empty image entries. We have also added a toggle for the author and date archives.

In the coming months, we’ll focus even more on delivering a better accessible product for everyone. Besides building awesome new features of course.

Changes to Video SEO

Our Video SEO plugin received the most fixes this time. We’ve fixed a ton of bugs in the plugin, making it even better to use. What is more, we now made sure that the wpseo_sitemaps_base_urls filter will be respected by Video SEO. The final thing I’d like to mention is that the oEmbed recognition is now compatible with upcoming 4.7 release of WordPress.

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3 Responses to Yoast SEO 3.8

  1. Evo
    Evo  • 4 years ago

    Attempted twice to update the plugin but my site crashed. I contacted my hosting company and they got it back by renaming the wordpress seo plugin folder.

    What can I do to get Yoast back and working again?

  2. Carlos Gandra
    Carlos Gandra  • 4 years ago

    Hi Joost,

    Congratulations on the new release.

    A quick question if you could answer: It’s in your plans a future update to Glue, to match the new updates of AMP plugin?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Taco Verdonschot
      Taco Verdonschot  • 4 years ago

      Thanks for your question.
      Yes, we’ll be updating the Glue plugin to match the new updates of the AMP plugin.