Use the Yoast SEO blocks to improve site structure and get rich results

  • Make it easy for visitors and search engines to find your content
  • Stand out in search results pages with rich results
  • Increase traffic and get people to stay on your site longer
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Site structure and structured data are two key aspects of SEO. With site structure, you help users and search engines find your important content. With structured data, you spell out to search engines what the content on your pages is so that they can display it as a rich result. In both cases, you increase your chances to rank. Yoast SEO gives you valuable support in building a solid site structure and producing the right structured data. What’s our secret? The Yoast SEO Blocks!

We love blocks in the Gutenberg editor. So, we made a bunch of them to make your life easier. Read on to find out precisely what they help you with! 

Readers and search engines will find your content easily with the Yoast SEO Internal linking blocks

Internal linking is like putting up road signs that guide readers and search engines. Without them, your essential content may get lost. But, if you neatly set up your internal links with Yoast SEO Premium and make your content findable, you may turn one-time visitors of your site into returning, long-term explorers. 

1. Your content will be easy to scan with the Table of contents block

A table of contents is informative, and it lets the reader scan the content. It can also be a pain to create one. At least, it used to be difficult until we made the Yoast SEO Premium Table of contents block! All you need to do is add the block to a post or a page. The plugin will automatically include all your headings in it and present them in a neat table. When we say something’s easy, we meant it! 


2. The findability of your pages will improve with the Related Links block

Do you want your audience to stay on your site after they are done reading one page? Then make sure to serve them some more related content. How? With the Yoast SEO Premium Related links block!

The sophisticated Yoast internal linking tool analyses your content and gives you suggestions on related posts, pages, categories, and tags. You can add all of those links at once in a list format with the Related links block. No sweat!  


3. The structure of your site will become clear when you link your hierarchical posts and pages with the Subpages block

Let’s say you have an entire site about snacks. One of the pages on the site is about chips and your love for them. That’s the main page on chips, also called the parent page. Then, you use subpages to write about the different chips varieties. For example, you have one page about potato chips, another one about nacho chips, etc. Now, you want to make sure people and search engines find all these pages. What’s the best thing to do? Add links from the parent page to all the subpages, of course. And how will you do that? You guessed it, with the Yoast SEO Premium Subpages block. Add the block, and the links will appear. It’s like magic.  

4. Readers will stay on your site longer when you link your subpages with the Siblings block

Remember those pages on chips varieties you just read about. Well, not only should you link to them from their parent page, but you should also link them with each other. Like that, people will be able to jump from page to page and discover new interesting information! Again, you can just add the Yoast SEO Premium Siblings block, and see the related sibling’s links appear. Quick and effective! 


Get rich results for your content with the Yoast SEO Structured data blocks 

Yoast SEO Free features the Yoast Structured data blocks that increase your chances to get a clickable rich result. Use them, join the rich results party and see your site at the top of the search engine pages! 

1. Create informative How-to guides that show up at the top of the results pages with the Yoast SEO How-to block

How-to guides are super popular. It’s no surprise since they are informative, easy to digest, and solution-oriented. They are great for your audience. Yoast SEO helps you create how-to pages for both your readers and search engines. How do we do that? By automatically adding HowTo structured data to your site. In plain language, that means that search engines can understand your content and may decide to display it as a rich result. So, you get more visibility and more traffic to your site. All you need to do is write some high-quality instructions.  

2. Let your FAQ pages stand out in the search results with the Yoast SEO FAQ block

If you have an audience that often has questions about your products or services, a great way to cater to them is to create an FAQ page. Just use the FAQ block in Yoast SEO! We take care of the structured data and tell search engines precisely what your page’s content is. Your task is to give your audience the best answers to their questions.