Redirect your broken links!

So you’ve found some (or maybe a lot of) broken links on your site with our Google Search Console integration. But what’s next? How can you fix these issues? That’s where our Yoast SEO Premium plugin comes in. It gives you the tools to redirect these broken links, straight from your WordPress install!

Fix your Search Console issues

Get Yoast SEO Premium Only $89 USD (ex VAT)

How it works

When you’ve found broken links on your site, they’ll be shown in the Search Console section of Yoast SEO:

Search Console Yoast SEO

When you hover one of the broken links, you’ll be able to click “Create redirect”. This will show the following popup (if you have Yoast SEO Premium):

You can now enter a URL of your choosing and click “Create redirect”. The “Mark as fixed” checkbox is checked by default, and will make sure the issue is fixed in Google Search Console. You’ve now fixed your first issue in Google Search Console, from within your own WordPress admin!

Make sure the URL you choose is something relevant, if possible, so people don’t end up on pages they weren’t expecting.

 Other redirect features

Apart from enabling you to redirect Google Search Console issues, our Yoast SEO Premium comes with more nice redirect features.

First of all, there are three different types of redirects when redirecting URLs in the “Redirects” section:

  1. 301 Redirect – Moved Permanently
  2. 302 Redirect – Found
  3. 307 Redirect – Temporary Redirect

Read more about our different redirect types in our Knowledge Base.

Secondly, we offer REGEX redirects. This type of redirects will offer even more power and can enable you to redirect multiple URLs in one go. More on REGEX redirects in our Knowledge Base.

Third, you can import redirects from other plugins, saving you time and eliminating that extra plugin you had running for redirects all in one go. More on importing redirects in our Knowledge Base.

Fix your Search Console issues

Get Yoast SEO Premium Only $89 USD (ex VAT)