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  • Let your site appear in search results in its best light
  • Keep your site structure clean
  • Get control of how your archive URLs
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To let you make the best of your WordPress site and its search appearance, we add some extra SEO-friendly features. Use them, and your site will become a smooth operating SEO machine. Read on to find out what those features are and what they do for you.

Clean up the URLs of your category archives

Simple, user-friendly URLs make your users happy and keep your SEO healthy. Did you know that your category archive pages also get their unique URLs? In WordPress, a default URL for a category archive can look like this: www.example.com/category/category-name/post-title. Each site is unique, so, depending on your goals, you might want to strip the category base and get something that looks like this: www.example.com/category-name/post-title.

In Yoast SEO, we let you change the URL structure of the category archive pages. Learn about the perfect permalink structure, and decide what works for you!

Keep low-value RSS feeds out of search results

Search engines follow and index RSS URLs and show them in the search results. The problem is, some of those URLs, like comment feeds, are of low value. Your SEO will benefit if you prevent low value feeds from showing up in search engines. When you use Yoast SEO, this problem is automatically solved for you. How? We add a piece of code that tells search engines not to follow specific RSS URLs. It takes no effort on your part, yet you level up your SEO game!

Automatically redirect media URLs with thin content

WordPress creates a separate attachment page for all the media you upload. Those pages get their own URL, and search engines index them. The problem is, those pages have no valuable content. All you usually see on such pages are the media and its title.

Yoast SEO has a solution. By default, we redirect all attachment pages to the URL of the media. In that way, we prevent search engines from landing and indexing pages with thin content. It’s a small but significant step to better SEO and higher rankings for you!

Remove unnecessary archive pages and freshen up your site structure

Categories and tags are great for so many things: SEO, site structure, your users, search engines. So, maintaining category and tag archive pages makes sense. But, there are also less available archive pages like author or date archives. They can cause duplicate content, hurt your SEO, and cause unnecessary clutter. It may be in your site’s best interest to disable those archive pages completely. In Yoast SEO, we let you do that!

If you insist on keeping the author and/or date archives, we also allow you to noidex them, so they don’t appear in search results! Keeping your potential visitors from landing on low-quality pages is a key step in getting great rankings!