Yoast Breadcrumbs – WordPress Breadcrumbs

This plugin has been succeeded by the Yoast SEO plugin. The info below is still valid, but you’d better try the new plugin, which has even cooler WordPress breadcrumbs!

This plugin allows you to add breadcrumbs to your theme. Why you should do this is outlined in my WordPress SEO article. In short though, breadcrumbs provide a way for the user to easily navigate up and down your site, from post to category, to the next post, or from child page, to parent page etc. It also allows search engines to more easily understand the structure of your site.

These WordPress breadcrumbs could, for instance, look like this:

WordPress Breadcrumbs example

Which Google in turn would display as:

WordPress breadcrumbs as shown in Google

As you can see, having proper breadcrumbs here makes it easier for the user and gives you an advantage in the search results pages!

Installation of WordPress Breadcrumbs

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Unzip the package and upload the file to your WordPress installation’s plugins folder
  3. Enable the plugin
  4. Adjust any settings you want under Settings -> Breadcrumbs
  5. Add the following code to your theme’s template(s):
    <?php if ( function_exists('yoast_breadcrumb') ) {
    	yoast_breadcrumb('<p id="breadcrumbs">','</p>');
    } ?>

Advanced use of WordPress Breadcrumbs

If you want to do a bit more with the output of the plugin, use the following code:

<?php if ( function_exists('yoast_breadcrumb') ) {
	$breadcrumbs = yoast_breadcrumb("","",false);
} ?>

That will output the breadcrumb into a variable, for you to play with.

WordPress Breadcrumbs Variables

This plugin takes the following variables:

The code that your breadcrumb should be prefixed with. Default to an empty string.

The code that should be added to the back of your breadcrumb. Default to an empty string.

If set to false, will return the breadcrumb path instead of echoing it. Defaults to true.