WordPress SEO Premium 1.1

After we released WordPress SEO Premium at January 23rd and WordPress SEO 1.5 at the beginning of March (a major rewrite of large parts of the plugin), we’re now ready to release WordPress SEO Premium 1.1. This new version introduces regular expression support for redirects as well as an even better integration with Google Webmaster Tools and an importer for Redirection.

Regular Expression support

We’ve added a new tab to the SEO → Redirects page where you can add regular expressions:

regular expression redirects

These regular expression redirects work just like how you’d expect them if you’re used to doing regular expression redirects either in Redirection, in your .htaccess or in NGINX. You can do relative regex redirects, like the first one in the image above. This redirects every URL ending in /feed/ to the URL without /feed/, except for http://yoast.nl/feed/. And, you can do absolute URL redirects, like the 2nd and 3rd redirect in the example above. These redirect large portions of yoast.nl over to yoast.com. We’re in the process of deprecating most info on yoast.nl in favor of having it all on yoast.com as only a fraction of our clients are Dutch.

Of course, just like our normal redirects, you can have WordPress handle these redirects. Or the plugin can write redirect files for Apache or NGINX containing both your regular expression redirects and normal redirects.

Google Webmaster Tools improvements

We honestly underestimated how many errors some people would be importing through Google Webmaster Tools. Which caused it to be rather slow sometimes. We’ve fixed that. With very good server side caching as well as an option to reload all crawl issues from GWT manually. We’ve also added the option to ignore certain issues. As well as a filter that automatically removes the URLs that have already been redirected from the table.

Of course they won’t be really gone, you can choose which view you’d prefer:

GWT crawl issues

There are still improvements to come, like an option to filter by issue type and method to mass ignore issues.

You can also switch the profile we’re downloading issues from, as GWT seems to sometimes do this wrong. For instance, it still returns https://yoast.com for us, even though we’ve changed the verification to https://yoast.com.

Redirection Import

On the SEO → Import & Export page you’ll now find the option to import redirects from Redirection. We know many of you have relied on that plugin for your redirects for quite a while. And up until a year or two ago we used to recommend it all the time. Unfortunately for sites with many redirects it becomes slow and adds all sorts of unwanted cruft to the database. But you’re in luck: you can now safely switch to WordPress SEO Premium!

We’re in the process of building an importer for your .htaccess files and NGINX redirect files as well, so you can truly manage all your redirects in one place.

WordPress SEO Premium 1.1: available now!

If you’ve already bought WordPress SEO Premium, you can download the update now. If not, you can go buy it now.

WordPress SEO

We’ve also just done an update to the free WordPress SEO plugin, updating it to Which is mainly a stability update.

Coming up next!

19 Responses to WordPress SEO Premium 1.1

  1. Arafin Shaon
    Arafin Shaon  • 10 years ago

    Is it possible to update free version to premium version directly from my site?

  2. Evan Davis
    Evan Davis  • 10 years ago

    First off, capital plugin. With that said, I am receiving an error in Google Webmaster Tools concerning a sitemap. It states:

    Missing XML tag. This required tag is missing. Please add it and resubmit. Parent tag: urlset Tag: url Line: 3

    How can I fix this? Will it be in a forthcoming update?

    • Joost de Valk

      Caused by another plugin or your theme outputting white space… Very annoying.

  3. WpSEO
    WpSEO  • 10 years ago

    Good Job!
    The new support to RegExp is very useful!

  4. WallBB
    WallBB  • 10 years ago

    Is there lots of benefits in this plugin than the basic one ?

  5. Tony C
    Tony C  • 10 years ago

    Update is working great, thanks!

  6. channarith
    channarith  • 10 years ago

    Thank for update. do you provide any discount ?

  7. ?????? ????
    ?????? ????  • 10 years ago

    thanks , cant w8 to test this one

  8. Robert Donnell
    Robert Donnell  • 10 years ago

    Noticed that today is April 8, 2014 – you announced a release on April 4th. To date 7 people commented and asked questions without a response. That is scary to me. I am going to invest in this for a dozen clients only to be without answers as well?

  9. Nathan K Smith
    Nathan K Smith  • 10 years ago

    Do you guys have a detailed training or support to learn more about this plugin?
    It sounds great however I don’t really understand regular expression support, etc… Why do I need that and what is the best way to implement?

  10. jaap
    jaap  • 10 years ago

    Great update. Thank you very much

  11. Chris
    Chris  • 10 years ago

    Will the redirects work on Websynthesis hosting accounts?

  12. Brad
    Brad  • 10 years ago

    If I upgrade to Premium does it just automatically takeover my current install of the free version? I don’t really want to configure the plugin all over again so if I purchase it I just want to know what I’m in for.

  13. Shirin
    Shirin  • 10 years ago

    I haven’t been prompted to upgrade the plug in (premium, purchased a couple of months ago) yet and I haven’t been able to find the download either. Should we be prompted via wordpress that an update is available?

    • Shirin
      Shirin  • 10 years ago

      Nevermind, the FAQ had all I need! Thanks.

  14. scott mcfee
    scott mcfee  • 10 years ago

    I think the single most important feature on your S.E.O. plugIn is the F/K READING SCORE button/ test.
    I want to see more info/ help/ testing for plain english.
    Goggle is clearly linking text to generic search results.
    I think the U.S. gov. 2010 plain english law is driving goggle to score websites on text. I cannot find any useful software to help me write plain english. You punish me when I fail to score a 70. Can you endorse any reading score programs? lol This text scored 88 on F/K

  15. Hugh
    Hugh  • 10 years ago

    I just upgraded the premium plugin on this site, but I do not see the tabs in the Redirect option that you have in this version. Plugin was purchased by individual I work for.


    • Thijs de Valk
      Thijs de Valk  • 10 years ago

      Hi Hugh,

      We do not do support through our comments. Could you please send us an email at pluginsupport at yoast.com?


      • Hugh
        Hugh  • 10 years ago

        I found answer in faq – was able to upgrade premium version.