Webinar: How to start with SEO (January 29, 2024)

Learn the basics and get practical tips

Starting with SEO can be overwhelming and sometimes you need help to get started. No worries; our SEO experts are here to help. Watch the webinar replay and get practical tips about all the SEO basics.

We’ll cover these 5 topics

  • How to do keyword research?
  • How to optimize content?
  • How to improve the structure of your website?
  • How to make your site visible to search engines?
  • How to get more clicks using “how-to” and “FAQ” blocks”?

Webinar level: beginner

Join us if you:

  • Feel that you need help to start with SEO on your website
  • Want to ask our hosts your SEO-related questions in the Q&A

Hosted by:

Marina Koleva

Marina is a linguist and developer who works on Yoast SEO’s content analysis – the well-known checks on a text’s SEO, readability, inclusive language use, and all the rest. Marina is also very proud to be one of the people who developed support for Japanese for our analysis.

Taco Verdonschot

Taco is the Head of Relations at Yoast. In that capacity, he’s leading the community and support teams at Yoast. Coming from a support background himself, he’s always ready to be a helping hand and he loves to help all customers succeed!