13 Mac Tools for Web Developers and SEO’s

As a Mac fanboy, a webdeveloper and an SEO, I just love it when people put together good tools that make my life easier. Since I know there are more webdevelopers and SEO’s out there who just can’t live without their Mac, I thought I’d share the tools I use, so here they come:

TextMate logoTextMate
When it comes to writing code, there’s only one tool that I can call my favorite: TextMate. You’ll need to get into the coding a bit, but once you get the knack of how it uses bundles, and you start hitting that tab key all the time to complete your code, you’ll know why you love it!

I use TextMate for all my coding, with one exception: CSS.

CSSEdit logoCSSEdit
, which won an Apple Design Award for best Mac OS X developer tool in 2007, is made by my friend Jan van Boghout, and it’s one of the nicest looking apps I’ve ever seen. It makes CSS editing a breeze, and even though I know a lot about CSS, it still helps me in doing it “right”.

Transmit logoTransmit
I do most of my development directly on servers, and Transmit is the ultimate tool to do that with. You can assign external editors for specific file types and set double clicking a file to opening it. That way, I can easily edit all the files on a server with my two favorite editors.

LinkAssistant Rank TrackerRankTracker
The first “real” SEO tool, and I posted about this recently: Link-Assistant’s RankTracker. It works on Windows, Linux and Mac, it’s fast, and it does just what it says it does: track your rankings. Next to that it has some great built in keyword suggestion tools, using Google Suggest or other API’s.

While you’re at their site, be sure to check out their tools Link Assistant as well!

Parallels IconParallels
Running Windows on your Mac with Apple’s BootCamp makes you reboot all the time, and if you wanted that, you would have been a Windows user anyway. Parallels let’s you run Windows right on your Mac, so you can test all your sites immediatly in Internet Explorer.

At only $79.99 it’s quite cheap too for what it offers, so buy it here, or click here for a trial.

NewsFire RSSNewsFire
Webdevelopers and SEO’s need to read to keep up, that’s for sure, even when they use a Mac. NewsFire is my RSS reader of choice, above all the webbased tools, because it’s just so damn easy to use and looks astonishing.

Pixelmator logoWhen you want to do some quick edits to pictures, PhotoShop just doesn’t cut it most of the time. It’s too slow, and above that, way too expensive. A while ago, Pixelmator got released, and now our image editing problems are solved! It’s a superb tool, which uses the best of Apple’s interface candy and usability to make it one of the nicest apps I’ve ever used for image editing.

DomainerRAGE Domainer
Second is a tool I just recently discovered as well, it’s called Domainer, and it let’s you keep track of all the domains you own. It gathers creation and expiration dates, PageRank, Alexa Rank and let’s you keep track of who’s registered it, who’s hosting it, etc. etc.

iTerm logoSometimes you just have to log in to your servers, or you want the safe environment of your Mac OS X BSD shell. The built-in terminal isn’t good enough for me, and iTerm is a wonderful free replacement.

It can store bookmarks for you, and I have it set to open with the bookmark screen, so I’m just a double click away from logging into one of my servers.

Unarchiver iconUnarchiver
The default BOMArchiveHelper.app that comes with OS X isn’t very capable… Unarchiver can handle many more file formats, which is the first reason why I keep installing this tool on every Mac I encouter. Best of all: it’s free!

Colloquy logoColloquy
When you want to keep in touch with fellow (Mac) developer’s and SEO’s, IRC has one of the best ways of doing that for years and years.

There’s only one really good IRC application for the Mac, and that’s Colloquy.

Adium logoAdium
To be able to use MSN, AIM, Yahoo IM, Google Talk and Jabber at the same time is great when you’re working with multiple people spread around the world. Adium is the single IM tool you’ve desperately been waiting for all your live!

Quicksilver logoQuickSilver
The last, but certainly not the least of these applications is QuickSilver, it looks like a launcher at first, but it’s much much more. Check out what it can do, and never live without it again.