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SEO Link AnalysisLink data in Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo! Site Explorer and Microsoft’s Webmaster Portal is pretty static, they give you the pages a site has links on, and let you do all the analysis with other tools. That sucks if you want to do a quick analysis of a site, or want to get a quick overview of inbound anchor texts for a site.

This Firefox extension gives you a bit more information when opening such pages, it gathers the PageRank for the linking page, the anchor text used on the link, and checks whether the link is nofollowed or not.

Go and install the SEO Link Analysis Firefox Extension on now. Please review it on if you like it!

Other SEO’s about the SEO Link Analysis Firefox extension

Genius hacks together code to unlock the link details Google and Yahoo refused to show the common webmaster. And makes it available free to the masses.

Aaron Wall

More link analysis?

Need more out of your link analysis? Get SEO Spyglass to do link analysis from your desktop, the latest version totally kicks ass, and can get you way more info than I’ll ever be able to put into a Firefox extension!

Version history

1.0.7 Fixes to Google Pagerank retrieval and update to work with Firefox 3.6.*
1.0.6 Added support for the new Google Webmaster Tools layout
1.0.5 Fix for Yahoo! Site Explorer
1.0.4 Fix for new Yahoo! Site Explorer interface, removed MS integration
1.0.3 Fix for changed Yahoo! code
1.0.2 Bugfix release
1.0.1 Fixed Yahoo!’s removal of click tracking
1.0 Initial version

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