Google Tag Manager: an introduction

Google Tag Manager

Perhaps you’ve heard about it: Google Tag Manager. Google introduced this tool 5 years ago, a tool that would make marketers less dependent on developers and that would, therefore, speed up your marketing process. Google Tag Manager has evolved over the years becoming a more complete and easy to use tool. Here I want to »

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The a11y Monthly: Accessibility and JavaScript

29 December 2016 by Andrea Fercia »

wordpress plugins

In the last couple years, we’ve seen an increased adoption of JavaScript libraries and frameworks to build web applications. At Yoast, some important parts of our applications, such as our Yoast SEO plugin, have already moved to JavaScript. In the future, we’ll build most of our interfaces using React components. This shift to JavaScript is »

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Ask Yoast: Why and how to minify your JS and CSS

21 November 2016 by Joost de Valk » - 6 Comments

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If you check your site speed with Google PageSpeed Insights you might get the advice to minify your Javascript (JS) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) files. Your JS files contain the code for the interactive elements of your website. And in your CSS files you specify the design of your pages. Minifying those files will decrease your page »

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Build your own JavaScript onboarding wizard

3 October 2016 by Rens Weerman »

web content accessibility at yoast

One of the goals of the development team whilst building the JavaScript onboarding wizard in Yoast SEO 3.6 was to make it generic. We love the open source community, so we made the wizard freely available for everyone. That means you can use our wizard component for your own needs! I’ll give a short explanation »


Developing the Yoast SEO onboarding wizard

29 September 2016 by Rens Weerman » - 1 Comment

web content accessibility at yoast

When you install our Yoast SEO plugin onto your WordPress site, there are some basic things that you have to set up for your site to rank. Normally you have to go to the settings of the plugin and set everything up yourself. There are a lot of settings in our plugin, and they’re not »