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The entire web is based on HTTP, knowing the basics about the different types of HTTP headers you can send is a base requirement for anyone doing web development and website optimization. Learn more about HTTP headers and best practices on our blog, or try our Technical SEO training.

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Site speed is crucial. There are several ways to improve how fast your site loads. One of them is moving to the newish HTTP/2 protocol. This makes sure that your connection gets a nice speed boost. Find out what HTTP/2 is and how it can help you!

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HTTP status codes are important to determine how your site is accessed by visitors and spiders alike. Find what all these codes mean for SEO.

An HTTP 503 header is a very useful tool for site maintenance. This post explains why and gives some pro tips on how to use it!

Trying to prevent indexing of your site by using robots.txt is a no-go, use X-Robots-Tag or a meta robots tag instead! Here's why.

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