Searching for freshly indexed pages

The post Matt did about better date search inspired me to create OpenSearch plugins which allow you to search for pages indexed in the last 24 hours or the last 7 days. Find them on this page, or just install them from here:

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6 Responses

  1. TwisterMcBy TwisterMc on 13 September, 2007

    Good plugin, a bit long on the name though. How about Google UnPersonalized Past 7 Days? :)

  2. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 13 September, 2007

    good idea :) done it :)

  3. Matt CuttsBy Matt Cutts on 16 September, 2007


  4. DoditoBy Dodito on 16 September, 2007

    What do you mean with “indexed” exactly. Is this the same as the cache date basically ? In that case I am puzzled, but perhaps I just do not understand all details.. I’m kinda new to all this


  5. DoditoBy Dodito on 16 September, 2007

    Never mind.. already found the answer.. these are new pages to Google.

  6. CleverSageBy CleverSage on 5 February, 2008

    Very cool plugin! Haven’t seen something like this out there!