New free plugin! Fact Check for Yoast SEO 1.4 Beta

While developing and benchmarking for new releases of Yoast SEO, we keep a keen eye on requests made by users. An issue that consistently raises concerns is the uprise of fake news. So today, we present Fact Check for Yoast SEO 1.4 Beta, a free add-on for our Yoast SEO plugin.

Read how and why we made this. Spoiler: It has something to do with April Fools! »

Download Fact Check for Yoast SEO 1.4 Beta»

Why this add-on?

Fake news is on the rise and it’s a world-wide problem. People and companies are losing grip on on the authenticity of sources and the trustworthiness of their message. What sources are authentic? What makes a source reliable? And more importantly: how do you decide for yourself?

Currently, the Yoast SEO plugin runs several checks on your content. Readability, the use of keywords and internal linking: we help you optimize your text. Today, we’re launching an add-on that adds multiple new checks to the original ones: so-called fact checks.

At Yoast we believe that you should be the best result. And the best result has to be true. Fact Check for Yoast SEO integrates seamlessly with Yoast SEO and Yoast SEO Premium. This plugin scans your text and gives you feedback about the stated facts. This will allow you to only write believable content.

Test our beta!

Please help us test this beta, so we can publish it on the WordPress repository soon. If you find a bug or would like to help improve this plugin, you can leave your feedback by creating an issue hereLike Yoast SEO, the Fact Check add-on is open source. The source code can be found on GitHub.

Download Fact Check for Yoast SEO 1.4 Beta »

Installation instructions

1. Download the zip above.
2. In the WordPress backend, go to Plugins > Add new > Upload plugin.
3. Click ‘Choose file’ or ‘Browse’ (depending on your browser).
4. Select the zip and click ‘Install now’.
5. Click ‘Activate plugin’, and you’re ready to go.

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40 Responses to Get our new free plugin: Fact Check for Yoast SEO 1.4 Beta

  1. Gracious Store
    Gracious Store  • 8 months ago

    It is good that Yoast is poised with credibility when every other source is losing credibility and for this reason we shall stick with Yoast

  2. John
    John  • 9 months ago

    I tested on my site but always got the same “issue”:
    – Fact Check cannot run tests at your site because you activated Gutenberg. Please delete this useless plugin and try again.
    After I did so, I got this message:
    – Everything is fine now and your website will rank #1 everywhere, provided you never install Gutenberg again.
    May I now also deactivate Fact Check plugin?

  3. Noor Nisa
    Noor Nisa  • 9 months ago

    I Love Yoast SEO. it is very powerful to rank a simple website quickly.
    Thanks, Yoast SEO team.

  4. Manoj
    Manoj  • 9 months ago

    Great idea. Yoast is always my favorite & I will try your new add-on too.

    Thank you,

  5. Diogene
    Diogene  • 9 months ago

    I hope is better than readibilty rating, that is a joke on the non English language, particularly on language that have great vocabulary. If you compile to readibilty the text is catastrophic: is so simple that your reader think you are the dumbest web writer on the planet.
    If the check fact as similar consistency I am worry we get hundred of false positive.
    Yoast SEO is great plug-in but with big issue multilingual web site.

    • Edwin Toonen

      Hi. Thanks for your comment. As you might have found out Yoast SEO Fact Check is an April Fools prank, so no need to worry about that.

      Re: the readability checks. Could you tell me what your native language is? The plugin does not have native checks for every language in the world. You can check the currently supported languages and features here:

      We made the readability analysis as a guide to help write texts that are easy to read and understand. The suggestions, however, are just that: suggestions. You shouldn’t take them as the absolute truth. If you find they don’t fit the way you write or the intended audience for which you write, then don’t use it. If nothing else, you can even turn it off.

      It is a myth that we want to dumb down the internet. That is not the case. We’re simply trying to make it a lot easier to understand for everyone. You can read more about this subject on: or

  6. WeedShopInc
    WeedShopInc  • 9 months ago

    Hello, Please if I purchase the premium feature of the plugin for my site, what’s the guarantee I will be getting for my ranking. Like what makes Yoast the best Seo service for a Website?

  7. Adel Elsaie
    Adel Elsaie  • 9 months ago

    Tried to download Download Fact Check for Yoast SEO 1.4 Beta». It is a zip file. Tried to expand it, I could not see anything!!!!!

    • Danny Terwindt
      Danny Terwindt  • 9 months ago

      You don’t have to expand the zip yourself. You can upload this to your WordPress installation, following the installation instructions in this post and you are good to go.

  8. Larry Kenemore jr
    Larry Kenemore jr  • 9 months ago

    I installed the plug in and activated it but where is ti located?

    • Danny Terwindt
      Danny Terwindt  • 9 months ago

      This plugin is an add-on to Yoast SEO and Yoast SEO Premium. This means that if you have either one activated in combination with Fact Check, the checks will be added to the feedback given by Yoast SEO, together with the other green, orange and red bullets.

  9. Debi
    Debi  • 9 months ago

    Well played, Sirs. :)

  10. Ron
    Ron  • 9 months ago

    LOL, it’s Aprils Fools! Does the plugin flag jokes as being fake? I can think of a lot of things i’d rather have than this.

  11. Jules Webb
    Jules Webb  • 9 months ago

    I was so hoping that adding lorem ipsum would give me a “Fake News” alert!! LOL

    Good job guys, love it anyway ;)

    • Danny Terwindt
      Danny Terwindt  • 9 months ago

      Hi Jules,
      glad to hear you love it.

      Regarding Lorem Ipsum, I don’t know if we should classify that as fake news, however we could check the text for it, and warn people about having filler text in their content. But I’m not sure if it falls in the scope of this add-on.

  12. J. Hoek
    J. Hoek  • 9 months ago

    I’m getting a virus alarm, when downloading:
    If from Windows viruscenter

    What can I do?

    • Danny Terwindt
      Danny Terwindt  • 9 months ago

      Rest assured, there is no virus in this plugin. We’ve tested this with a number of virus scanners, and none of them report a virus.

      It seems sometimes Windows reports Win32/Sprisky as a virus, but that seems to be a false positive.

  13. Lee Procida
    Lee Procida  • 9 months ago

    Didn’t know they celebrated April Fools Day in the Netherlands …

  14. Abhik Biswas
    Abhik Biswas  • 9 months ago

    Okay, will test it on version 2.4 then ;)

  15. ts5
    ts5  • 9 months ago

    Is there REALLY demand for such a thing? Why do people feel the need to be told be someone else what is fake news? And by whose measure is news categorized as fake? If it is CIA, MI6 or Mossad created propaganda reported as real news in the MSM is that flagged as fake news?

    • ts5
      ts5  • 9 months ago

      No need to post my comment. I’m not trying to be a flippant heckler, but rather more serious. We should be more on guard against state sponsored fake news than any other sort of fake news. Nothing is more dangerous that living in a world where the state, through its media minions, forces the population to live according to its own propaganda.

  16. Janw Oostendorp
    Janw Oostendorp  • 9 months ago

    Can you give give a tldr how it works. How does it detect a “fact”?

    • Danny Terwindt
      Danny Terwindt  • 9 months ago

      In short, what we do is scan the text for certain keywords and analyze these. Since we are still in beta this list is far from complete, so we are planning to extend these in the future.

      We encourage everyone to contribute to this project. If you have any suggestions, or want to take an in depth look at the software, feel free to look at the github repository:

  17. Peter Haigh
    Peter Haigh  • 9 months ago

    Just curious but what firms out there are being used as the benchmark to determine “fakeness”?

    • Curt
      Curt  • 9 months ago

      not sure as it gave me very strange results for 50 posts and they were all the same results no matter if it was sports, politics, movies or lifestyle news. thus the beta test.

      I can’t figure how they’ll be able to fact check or if it just tips on making sure the post appears to be more fact checked.

  18. Curt
    Curt  • 9 months ago

    It seems weird that every single article we checked with this beta gives the exact same ‘problem’ which has nothing to do with the article content. Below are the bullet points given on 50 checked articles which are all about Marvel movies and tv shows.

    You haven’t even mentioned a governmental organization! How do you expect us to believe you’re writing about facts?!

    You haven’t mentioned the truth anywhere in your text. You really should tell people you are telling the truth!!

    Over 200 words in, and you haven’t disputed the vital status of any celebrity yet! Is Elvis really dead?

    You haven’t mentioned how the moon landing was staged. Don’t you think you should tell people this?!

    Don’t you want to tell your readers about the lies they believe?! Does Finland really exist?! And what about the moon?!

    Every believable text needs a title with an exclamation mark! Write your title like you mean it!!!!

    • Danny Terwindt
      Danny Terwindt  • 9 months ago

      The checks might need some fine-tuning. They where designed to make sure your post highlights the important aspects. But at this moment we cannot guarantee they are 100% complete or accurate.
      However, they checks will give you some feedback of important subjects you can include in your post to make them more believable.

      • Curt
        Curt  • 9 months ago

        it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out. we actually employ fact checkers with our news site so testing with them.


  19. Somnath Jadhav
    Somnath Jadhav  • 9 months ago

    Hello Yoast,
    Can I test it on my live website?

    • Danny Terwindt
      Danny Terwindt  • 9 months ago

      Hi Somnath,
      Even though we’ve tested this plugin in various different WordPress installations, I would always advise to test on a test site first.

      If you find anything out of the ordinary, please feel free to let us know on our github page .

  20. Patrick
    Patrick  • 9 months ago

    Just english content or?

    • Irene Strikkers
      Irene Strikkers  • 9 months ago

      Hi Patrick, This beta works for English and Dutch content. Just make sure your site language is set to one of those languages. We hope we’ll be able to release more languages soon!

  21. Duane
    Duane  • 9 months ago

    I would love having Fact Check for email, with over 200 emails a day that would be a God Send!

    • Danny Terwindt
      Danny Terwindt  • 9 months ago

      Hi Duane,
      That is a good idea. I don’t know how we can incorporate that with our plugin, but it might be a nice feature for the future.

  22. TB
    TB  • 9 months ago

    1.4 … Nice :-)

    • LFK
      LFK  • 9 months ago

      Aahahah… very nice :D

    • Phil
      Phil  • 9 months ago

      Not 4.1? :)

      • Danny Terwindt
        Danny Terwindt  • 9 months ago

        Well, starting at version 4 for a new add-on is a bit strange isn’t it?

        • Paul Sutherland
          Paul Sutherland  • 8 months ago

          As a premium user, I was critical of this stunt because I think it damages your brand, but you showed you were not willing to post critical comments. There is a real issue with much that is posted on the internet, so it deserves to be taken seriously. There are serious efforts being made, as you can read here.

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