Video SEO: FAQ

Our Video SEO for WordPress plugin helps you with optimizing your videos for search engines. In this article, we’ll answer frequently asked questions about our Video SEO plugin.

Where can I find Video SEO in my WordPress post or page editor?

You can find Video SEO in the sidebar and in the Video SEO meta box below the post or page. In Video SEO 13.6, we’ve integrated Yoast Video SEO into the block editor (or Gutenberg) sidebar. This makes it a lot easier to use Video SEO while writing and editing your content, as you no longer have to scroll down to find the Video SEO meta box!

Why doesn’t the Video SEO plugin index videos on my category page?

The Video SEO plugin only indexes videos on your taxonomy pages that are in the description of that taxonomy. If the videos are shown as excerpts of underlying pages, it will not index them. If you want the videos on your taxonomy indexed, follow the steps described in this article on how to index videos on taxonomy pages.

Does the Video SEO plugin work with videos marked as private?

Currently, if your video is set to private before it’s indexed by our plugin, it may not be recognized. We’re working on a solution for this, but for now, we have a workaround for indexing private videos with the Video SEO plugin.

Why is my video not showing in the search results?

In this post on videos not showing in the search results, we explore why your video might not show up in the search results, and we tell you what the solution is for this issue. You might also find the article How to rank with your videos in Google useful.

What video hosting platforms are supported for the Video SEO plugin?

This article on supported video hosting platforms for Video SEO plugin lists all the hosting platforms that have been proven to be possible to optimize with the Video SEO plugin.

Why doesn’t my video sitemap work when I have custom post type ‘Video’?

When you have the custom post type ‘Video’, the Video SEO plugin will automatically detect a naming collision and change the video sitemap name. Please go to SEO > Video SEO and click ‘XML Video Sitemap’ to get the correct video sitemap URL. In this article, we explain how to change the XML video sitemap URL.

Can I change the XML video sitemap URL?

Yes, follow the steps described in this article on how to change the XML video sitemap URL.

Why is my video not detected?

Are you getting an error message saying our plugin has not detected a video in your content? We’ve listed possible causes and solutions in this article.

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