Why is my video not detected?

Are you seeing the error message shown below, while you have added a video to your content? Then our plugin was not able to detect a video in your content. In this article, we’ll list possible reasons why our plugin couldn’t detect your video.

It looks like your content does not yet contain a video. Please add a video and save your draft in order for Video SEO to work.

Do you have a different question regarding the Video SEO plugin? Check our Video SEO FAQ.

Possible reasons and their solutions

1. Your video hosting platform is not supported.
If you’re using a video hosting platform that isn’t supported by Video SEO, our plugin might not be able to detect your video. You can find the full list of supported video hosting platforms here.

2. Your video is set to private.
If your video is set to private, the plugin cannot read its data. We’ve created a work-around for this, which you can find in this article on indexing private videos with Video SEO.

3. You’re using a visual page builder to add the video.
Some page builders are not natively compatible with the Video SEO plugin.

4. You’re using a custom field to add the video.
See how the Video SEO plugin works with custom fields.

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