Local SEO for WooCommerce is now part of the Local SEO plugin

As per November 20th, 2018, we have merged our Local SEO and Local SEO for WooCommerce plugins! We’ve thought long and hard about this. Merging the two plugins will make sure that we guarantee a more focused development and maintenance of the plugin.

WooCommerce 7.4 introduced a new local pickup feature. That’s why the local pickup option in Yoast Local SEO will soon be deprecated. If you’re using the local pickup feature in Yoast Local SEO, it’s important to switch to the WooCommerce option. Find out how to switch from the local pickup feature in Local SEO to the new WooCommerce option.

There are a few really nice immediate results of this merge:

  1. All new and existing Local SEO plugin customers will find extra WooCommerce related functionality after updating to the latest version. You will now be able to add a pickup option as a shipping method. New shipping statuses and shipping email options will make sure that your customer knows when the order is ready for pickup! For you, as a Local SEO plugin customer, that extra functionality is totally free.
  2. All existing Local SEO for WooCommerce plugin customers will find that their product has a different name after updating. Furthermore, in MyYoast, you will find that your remaining subscription period is doubled as a gesture because of the price difference. From your next renewal, your plugin will have the same functionality for a lower price.

Not yet using our Local SEO plugin? Read more about the Local SEO plugin.

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