Cost per category calculation for Local SEO

When you use WooCommerce together with the Local SEO plugin, you will see an additional WooCommerce settings tab in the Local SEO settings screen.

WooCommerce 7.4 introduced a new local pickup feature. That’s why the local pickup option in Yoast Local SEO will soon be deprecated. If you’re using the local pickup feature in Yoast Local SEO, it’s important to switch to the WooCommerce option. Find out how to switch from the local pickup feature in Local SEO to the new WooCommerce option.

Click on the Click here link to access the specific Local Store Pickup settings. These allow people to pickup their ordered products (WooCommerce) at the Locations, setup by the Local SEO plugin.

On this settings page the Locations can be setup, together with the pricing for every pickup location (or locations per category).

Just as with the default WooCommerce shipping pricing input fields, some shortcodes are allowed to calculate the prices. We apply the same calculations as WooCommerce.

For example, this is how some calculations are made, according to the Woo docs:

  • 10 + ( 2 * [qty] ) – A base shipping cost of $10 plus $2 for each item in the cart.
  • 20 + [fee percent="10" min_fee="4"] – A base shipping cost of $20 plus 10%

For more information, see the WooCommerce docs.

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