How to remove the categories prefix

Every time you create a category in WordPress, you create an archive page for that category. By default, WordPress adds a category base of /category/ to the URLs of all category archive pages.

Categories help you structure your site. But, to create an ultimate site structure, you need a sustainable strategy. Yoast SEO Premium can help you there! It comes with an internal linking feature, as well as content filters. With those tools, you can keep your content structured, findable, and up-to-date.

Let’s take a look at two examples. Here’s a URL with the /category/ prefix: 

And, here’s an example URL with the /category/ prefix removed

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How to remove the category prefix with Yoast SEO

In Yoast SEO you can remove the category prefix from the category archive URL. Note: This feature can cause unexpected URL behavior and is not recommended in most cases.

  1. Log in to your WordPress website.

    When you’re logged in, you will be in your ‘Dashboard’.

  2. Click on ‘Yoast SEO’.

    On the left-hand side, you will see a menu. In that menu, click on ‘Yoast SEO’.
    Screenshot of the "Yoast SEO" menu item.

  3. Click on ‘Settings’.

    The ‘Yoast SEO’ settings will expand, providing you with additional options. Click on ‘Settings’.
    Screenshot of the settings menu item in Yoast SEO

  4. Click on the ‘Categories’ menu item.

    In the Yoast SEO settings menu, click ‘Categories’ (below the heading ‘Categories & tags’).
    Screenshot of the 'Categories' menu item in the Yoast SEO Settings.

  5. Scroll down to ‘Additional settings’.

  6. Toggle the ‘Category URLs’ switch.

    To include the category prefix, enable the switch. To exclude the category prefix, disable the switch. Screenshot of the 'Show categories prefix' setting in Yoast SEO.

  7. Save your changes.

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