How to fix missing Schema property: missing field “sku”

The warning missing field sku occurs in Google Search Console when a product has no SKU (stock keeping unit) defined. According to, the SKU property refers to a “merchant-specific identifier for a product or service”.

You can add an SKU in WooCommerce. In addition, if you use WooCommerce SEO, all you’ll need to do to fix the missing field sku issue is to add the product SKU in the WooCommerce meta box. The WooCommerce SEO plugin will output the correct Schema for you automatically!

Fixing the missing Schema property: missing field sku

To allow WooCoommerce SEO to automatically add the missing field “sku” to your product, follow these steps.

  1. Select the product you want to add an SKU to from the Products overview.

  2. In the Product editing screen, scroll down to the WooCoomerce meta box.

    You will see a box with different tabs. The settings of the General tab are shown first by default.

  3. Click on the Inventory tab.

    You will see the Inventory tab options.

  4. Add the SKU in the SKU input field at the top of the meta box.

    You can add up to 255 alphanumeric and special characters in the input field.

  5. Click the Update button at the top of the Product editing screen.

    WooCommerce SEO will automatically output the missingsku field.

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