How to add Brand and Manufacturer attributes to your products

The WooCommerce SEO plugin can add Product Brand and Product Manufacturer Schema data to your product pages. To do so, you need to add the attributes to WooCommerce, then configure them on the product page.

NOTE: If you assign anything but an attribute (such as Product Tag or Product Category) into the Brand and Manufacture fields, the itemprop schema will not get outputted.

Create the attributes in WooCommerce

Before the attributes can be used by WooCommerce SEO, they need to be created in WooCommerce first. Follow the steps below to create the attributes and add them to your WooCommerce product.

  1. Add a new attribute.

    Go to Products > Attributes, then add the name of the attribute (in this case, Brand) and the slug.
    Add new attribute

  2. Add the terms to the attribute.

    The next step is to add the terms to the attribute. In this example, the terms would be the brands on your site.Add terms in WooCommerce

  3. Add the terms to the attribute. (2)

    Add new Brand in WooCommerce

  4. Select the Brand attribute in WooCommerce SEO.

    After you’ve added the Brand attribute, you can select them in the WooCommerce SEO plugin settings by going to SEO > WooCommerce SEO. You can repeat these steps for Product Manufacturer.Select Brand and Manufacturer in WooCommerce SEO

  5. Add the attribute to a product.

    On the product edit page, scroll down to the WooCommerce product data box, select ‘Attributes’ and click ‘Add’ to add the Brand attribute you just created to your product. Add attribute to product in WooCommerce

  6. Select the attribute value.

    Select the value (in our case: WooCommerce SEO) for the attribute (in our case: Brand). Add value to attribute WooCommerce

The Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin will add the ‘Brand’ attribute as an OpenGraph “product:brand” tag in the source code of the product page. It will add the “Manufacturer” and “Brand” attribute as an “itemprop” global attribute to the product page.