Do I need a DPA when I purchase from Yoast?

When you use one of our products or services, there is no need for a DPA (Data Processing Agreement). In this situation, you are the “data subject” and we are the “controller” under the GDPR. You can read in our privacy policy how we handle your personal data and in our GDPR Article how we handle compliance.

A DPA would only be needed when we (Yoast) would process, collect or store personal data under your supervision and instructions. The Yoast plugins do not process, collect, or store any of that personal data at Yoast premises or servers. Every analysis performed on your content is done on your site and none of your content is used by Yoast off-site. Therefore, a DPA is not needed when you purchase from Yoast.

For example, you run a webshop and have customers for which you store personal data. Our plugins do not send any of that data to Yoast, so we are not processing that data under the GDPR at all.

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