Can I use the plugin on multiple sites?

Yes, you can use the plugin on multiple sites by either using WordPress multi-site or by purchasing more than one subscription. Learn more here: Do I need multiple subscriptions?

If you need more than one subscription, we’ve got you covered. Starting from only 2 sites, you get a discount, automatically.

The subscriptions must be purchased at the same time to receive the multiple site discount.

Let’s put that in a convenient table for you:

2+ sites Save 5%
5+ sites Save 10%
10+ sites Save 15%
20+ sites Save 20%
30+ sites Save 25%
40+ sites Save 30%
50+ sites Save 35%
75+ sites Save 40%
100+ sites Save 45%
150+ sites Save 50%

So, if you are a heavy user of our plugin, or a successful online publisher or web agency with over 150 sites, you can save a whopping 50%, no discount code needed. It’ll automatically be added to your purchase.


All licenses purchased prior to August 29, 2017 were converted to a subscription for the same number of sites.

Video SEO licenses ($89) purchased before January 7th, 2013 were converted to a subscription for an unlimited number of sites with no expiration date.

Agency licenses purchased before August 12th, 2013 were converted to a subscription for the number of sites purchased with no expiration date.