Have a Mint Greasemonkey script

This script has been replaced by a new version, which now has it’s own page. 

I recently (as in, yesterday) bought a Mint license for this site, and am now very enthusiastic about it. Now i’ve always been using Google Analytics, and since i’m very interested to know what kind of stats package other people use, i used codeWord’s Google Analtyics Greasemonkey script, and i wanted to have the same for Mint. Now this isn’t that safe, since people can change the directory they run their Mint in, but i guess most won’t do that, so it just checks for /mint/ (updated: now checks for ?js).

Here’s the script, and don’t worry, if you’re running the Google Analytics one too: this one will go right under that. There’s probably a far better way to check if someone is using Mint, i’ll try and update the script for that.

Update: Shaun Inman helped me with a better way to check over at the Mint forums, so i’ve just updated the script.

Update 2: I’ve written a newer and better version of this script, with way more optins, it’s now called Statistics Detector.
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