Digg abuse

While I talked to you guys about how I made a site rank for some top keywords fast using Digg and some quality link-bait, I do not think that spamming is the answer. My colleague Roy Huiskes talked about some Digg abuse on his blog, and why this wouldn’t work. He quotes an article on seomoz, about how to deal with Digg.

The guys spamming Digg are the guys from User/Submitter (no linklove there), who give diggers money to digg their selected stories ($0.50 per 5 diggs), and ask money to get diggers to do this ($1 per desired digg). Allthough this sounds like a sound business model, I think this is something that won’t work long, as the Digg guys will work something out to stop this. However, the layout looks like they’re not planning on the long term anyway…

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