Yoast Test Helper – easy testing!

We’ve released our Yoast Test Helper plugin to WordPress.org. This is a plugin our teams use internally while testing Yoast SEO and it could be very useful for you in testing Yoast SEO on your staging environment. Let me explain the nicest features:

  • Switching between free and premium
    For obvious reasons, this is something we do a fair bit of in development, which is why we’ve made it very easy to do.
  • Pretty printing Schema output
    When you’re working with Schema, it’s very nice if the Schema output is pretty printed, so you can easily see your changes. This happens automatically when you enable the “development mode” in the plugin.
  • Changing plugin database options
    By setting the database option of a plugin to a version lower than the current version, you can trigger the needed option migrations. This allows us to test upgrade paths way more reliably.
  • Quickly create post types & taxonomies
    The Post types & Taxonomies functionality enables a Books and Movies post type plus taxonomies at the click of a button. This can be very useful to quickly test how certain functionality works with custom post types.
  • Resetting Indexables migrations
    Very important in regard to our upcoming Yoast SEO 14.0 Indexables release: by hitting the “Reset Indexables tables & Migrations” button, you can reset the Indexables database. This will cause all our migrations to run again.

There’s a lot more functionality in Yoast Test Helper, so have a play! It looks like this:

Screenshot of the Yoast Test Helper options

Of course, some of this functionality is very tied to the Yoast development team. I don’t expect you for instance to need to test with a different MyYoast install. But we’re sharing all of it in the hope of inspiring more people to share their development and testing tools.

You can find Yoast Test Helper on WordPress.org, or simply search for yoast test helper. Of course you can also find the plugin on GitHub. If you have questions, let us know!

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  1. Nuh Muhammad Alkindy
    Nuh Muhammad Alkindy  • 4 years ago

    Hello, I appreciated your great work to solve this problem, there no notification that “my yoast plugin unable to create database”, but unfortunately when i check to seo website tester, it said there’s ‘no meta description tag’, im blind about website or coding, i cant do anything else, please consider my message.