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Ask Yoast Nofollow tags for Amazon affiliate links

When you add a nofollow tag to a link on your site, you’re basically telling search engines that they shouldn’t count your backlink when ranking that page. Doing this helps you avoid leaking link value to pages that may not be trustworthy, or, in case of affiliate marketing, to your advertiser’s website.

But what if you include several affiliate links in every blog post you publish? While you probably link to relevant products, all these links should still have a nofollow tag. This can easily become a large amount of nofollowed links. Does this have any consequences for the link value of your pages?

Nikola was worried about this and emailed us his question:

I have a nofollow tag on my Amazon affiliate links because in Google’s Webmaster guidelines it’s said that ad links should have this tag. But I’m worried that this will cause a drop in link value of my pages as I add these links to almost all of my posts. What should I do? Do Amazon affiliate links hurt blog SEO?

Watch the video or read the transcript further down the page for my answer!

Adding a nofollow tag to Amazon affiliate links

“No, they don’t hurt blog SEO. Nofollow doesn’t hurt anything. If it’s an ad it deserves a nofollow and you’re doing it perfectly right and you shouldn’t change anything. Good luck.”

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3 Responses to Ask Yoast: Nofollow tags for Amazon affiliate links

  1. Joe
    Joe  • 7 months ago

    I sell products as an distributor for a network marketing company. To generate traffic for the products I sell, I create an article or product page on my website and just link to the website where I direct the user to purchase those products. Should I add “no follow” to these pages I’m linking to? Does it make any difference since technically my webpages aren’t an advertisement?

  2. veer lodhi
    veer lodhi  • 7 months ago

    Thanks Joost de valk for information because i am also using these types of amazon links now i am aware about it

  3. komal kaur
    komal kaur  • 7 months ago

    This is really informative and useful information for us. Thanks for sharing
    Keep it up!!!:)

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