WordFest Live

July 23, 2021
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This year, on the 23th of July we're sponsoring & attending WordFest Live again! This might sound confusing, because the event will take place online. Make sure to register and collect your ticket beforehand.

What to expect?

This year it's bigger and better, because the online WordPress festival is a 24-hour celebration of all that is WordPress. You can find the event's schedule on their website. In short, this is what you can expect:

  • 48 Sessions over 24 hours. You can join live sessions and Q&A's and connect with speakers and the community!
  • Talks and workshops with practical sessions that help you develop business & life skills.
  • Socialize and celebrate! Connect with the community by moving around the platform and checking in on community tents.

Join the Yoast community tent!

On stage 1 at 2 PM (CEST), Francesca Marano will host a panel discussion on the topic: Diversity in Technology. Our COO Chaya Oosterbroek is part of the panel. In addition you'll find a general community tent, in which we have our own spot. Make sure to pass by, cause we have some nice activities in both Spanish and English in store! Our tent is open from 6 - 10 PM (CEST).

Time (CEST)Activity
06:00-07:00 PMSP | Spanish presentation about Yoast SEO - Q&A - Chat
07:00-08:00 PMSP | Yoast quiz in Spanish
08:00-09:00 PMEN | Q&A with our Yoast SEO plugin release leads
09:00-10:00 PMSP | Free time in the booth

Virtual background, provided by Yoast

Right-click the image, click Save link as, and download your background!

Who were there: