Yoast SEO for WordPress

Remember, this all started with a couple of plugins that were combined to be our flagship product: the Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin:

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Over 11 million active installs

of Yoast SEO (April 2021)

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Over one million downloads

per week. All-time downloads: over 320 million (April 2021)

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Solved over 90%

of the issues on the WordPress support forum (April 2021)

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25,725 5 star reviews

out of 27,340 reviews (April 2021)

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51 languages

Yoast SEO is available in 51 languages (April 2021)

Numbers for our free plugin, taken from the WordPress plugin directory.

WordPress, WordCamps, and Contribution

Yoast and WordCamps

When we started working with WordPress 12 years ago, we became actively involved in WordPress. We’re giving back to the fantastic community that got us to where we are right now. So, that’s why we love to sponsor and to attend WordCamps.

In 2019, we sponsored 38 WordCamps, helped organize four of those, volunteered at three WordCamps, attended 14 of them, and spoke at 11 WordCamps.  Yoast visited more than ten meetups and organized four. 

Graph of the number of WordCamps Yoast sponsored or volunteered at 2019

In 2020, less WordCamps took place than the years before due to the COVID -19 pandemic, and they were mostly held online. This didn’t stop us from continuing our love and support for the WordPress Community; we sponsored 21 WordCamps, helped organise and volunteered at three of those, and spoke at eight online WordCamps.

Graph of the number of WordCamps Yoast sponsored or volunteered at 2020

Yoast and Contribution

Yoast was born from the open-source community. WordPress is an open-source project. With the help of users and developers worldwide, this software powers over 39% of the web. Yoast is heavily involved in maintaining and improving WordPress. This CMS keeps becoming better at helping 455 million website owners globally. It enables people to build and maintain their blog, company website, and/or online shop.

As part of the, Five for the Future initiative, we sponsor 44 contributors for 305 hours per week. And if you are a WordPress user, designer, developer, or if you want to help, check out how you can get involved as well!

We feel that to be in line with our core values of sharing, collaborating, and making the web better, we have to lead by example. Therefore, we’ve set up our own WordPress core team. This team is growing and continuously working on making WordPress better for everyone. If you want to know more, read more about the WordPress core team.

In addition to this, we regularly host WordPress contributor days at the Yoast office or via Zoom:

Yoast SEO academy and Yoast Junior academy

Yoast SEO academy

In our courses program, Yoast SEO academy, we have over 319,500 students enrolled in our courses. In addition to paid training courses, we offer five free courses, including a regular update of SEO news. Everyone interested in improving their website can benefit from these courses that you can find in my.yoast.com.

Yoast Junior academy

Besides these online courses, we established the Yoast Junior academy in 2018. In the same year, we gave two courses and taught 60 children the beginnings of software development. In 2019, we taught two courses on building a website in WordPress to almost 40 kids.

Yoast funds

The Yoast Diversity fund

illustration of the Yoast diversity fund

We believe that encouraging diversity among conference speakers and attendees is incredibly important. That’s why the Yoast Diversity fund was born. During 2018, 2019, and 2020:

  • We were able to sponsor 70 people from under-represented groups
  • People joined a total of 56 events.
  • The events were all around Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia.

If you want to know more, you can read about the Yoast Diversity Fund here. Or learn how to apply for this fund directly!

And, if you’re interested in this topic, you might like our digital story on stereotypes, prejudice and feminism too!

The Yoast Care fund

At Yoast, we value everybody contributing to WordPress, anyone who is doing remarkable work, WordPress’s hidden heroes. The Yoast Care fund rewards people doing extraordinary work on organizing events, providing support on the forums, writing patches for core, or any other non-commercial WP related task.

Do you know someone who goes the extra mile for WordPress? You can nominate them for a $500 reward. Since we launched the Yoast Care fund, we’ve rewarded 57 outstanding WordPress community members for their contributions.

Yoast and charity

Yoast and the local community

In 2020, we sponsored six sports clubs, three cultural events, three charity events, 10 kids’ events, and more. Just to drop some numbers. We’re not even talking about the organizations that we volunteered at. Moreover, we also gave 200 soccer balls to AWC, the local soccer club.

What else?

  • Yoast supports Wakibi, a non-profit organization that helps entrepreneurs in developing countries with microcredits. Via Yoast employees, we have helped more than 515 entrepreneurs to realize their projects.
  • At Yoast, our employees get 40 hours paid per year to do charity work, like volunteering or social work.
  • While we were all in the office, we could enjoy a daily serving of fresh fruit and vegetables. Even though we are not there anymore, we keep ordering those snacks. But instead of delivering them to the office, we deliver them to the staff of a local hospital.
  • All of the lunches at our own conferences were vegetarian.
  • We are the proud premium sponsor of the new Dutch Yoast United pro basketball team for the next three seasons.

In 2021, we’ll keep updating this page and we’ll make this into a monthly impact report. To see for ourselves what we have done, and to inspire you to do the same. Help your community in any way you can. These communities are what grows your business and what educates your children. These are the communities you live in every single day. Make an impact.