What can the Diversity fund do for me?

The Yoast Diversity fund helps you cover the costs of working on a project that benefits WordPress. Everyone can apply for the fund. You’ll find the criteria below!

How to apply for the Diversity fund?

The Diversity fund 2021 applications have closed, and the sponsorship recipients have been decided. Click on the button below to read all about the projects our awardees are working on!

Read all about the projects!

Yoast Diversity fund FAQ

We’ve collected a bunch of frequently asked questions. Please review them carefully before you apply.

What type of costs are reimbursed?

Our goal is to reimburse those costs that would keep you from working on a WordPress project. If you, for whatever reason, have costs, such as equipment, child-care or specialized transport, we invite you to share those with us and we’ll look at those on a per-case scenario.

How many times can I apply for the Yoast Diversity fund?

Our goal is to assist in increasing diversity in the WordPress community as much as possible. This means we’ll focus on first-time applications mostly. However, there is no limit to the number of times you can apply.

Is the fund available to all?

Yes. With the exception of Yoast employees, former Yoast employees, and Yoast’s contractors.

When should I apply?

The Diversity fund 2021 applications have closed. We hope to continue with the next round of the Yoast Diversity fund in 2022.

Terms & conditions

If you want to find out why we care about diversity, check out this digital story: Diversity, inequality and prejudice: a sociological exploration.