88 Responses to Holy cow… 1 million downloads

  1. Roel Willems
    By Roel Willems on 8 July, 2009

    Congrats Joost,

    Great achievement, I’m guessing this means there are a lot of happy plugin users out there!

  2. Chris Wallace
    By Chris Wallace on 8 July, 2009

    Poor little RSS shortcode download… all the way at the bottom. :)

  3. jonathan
    By jonathan on 8 July, 2009

    Congratulations! Your contribution to the WP community deserves recognition. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into building and maintaining all these great plugins!

  4. Gary Robinson
    By Gary Robinson on 8 July, 2009

    Congratulations, quite a milestone.

    Is there a part of you, even a tiny bit, that wishes you’d charged even a minimal fee for each download? :)

    Joking aside, for a relatively non-techie blog owner like myself your plug-ins have been a great help, thank you

  5. Julius
    By Julius on 8 July, 2009

    Congratulations for a job well done! I’m a sociable plugin user and let me tell you that I’m indeed a satisfied customer.

    Keep it up and more power to you my friend!

  6. Zendevi
    By Zendevi on 8 July, 2009

    Congrats Joost! You have me to thank personally for at least a dozen of those :)

  7. Sumesh
    By Sumesh on 8 July, 2009

    Worthy, considering all the work you’ve done :) Let’s see how long it takes to hit 2 million…

    As much as 1 mn downloads is amazing, I think the WP community, or more specifically the less-knowledgable users, are abusing or disrespecting developers in several ways. I see this all the time, I wish Matt & Co. took the time to educate users on the importance and kindness of devs who spend time for nothing (except appreciation and the odd donation, I guess).

    I’m not a plugin dev myself, but I think you’ll agree, Joost.

  8. Hirvesh
    By Hirvesh on 8 July, 2009

    It’s no wonder Joost…after all, you always offer quality downloads!

  9. Joni Gunneweg
    By Joni Gunneweg on 8 July, 2009

    Congrats.. love the plug-ins, keep up the great work :)!

  10. Roseli A. Bakar
    By Roseli A. Bakar on 8 July, 2009

    Congrats Yoast. What a milestone for you !

  11. yudi
    By yudi on 8 July, 2009

    good job Yoast… keep creative

  12. Les
    By Les on 8 July, 2009

    I never had any doubts! Superb and well worth a hearty CONGRATULATIONS!

  13. Linda
    By Linda on 8 July, 2009

    Congratulations! That means there’s a lot of happy plugin users out there… and quite a list also… I gotta try some of these… wasn’t aware of all of ’em…

    Thanx for all your hard work and contributions!

  14. Alwin
    By Alwin on 8 July, 2009

    Thanks for creating various plugins. These plugins have help a lot of bloggers like me
    You have done a greate job
    Alwin Chuah ( Malaysia)

  15. Dominating Niches
    By Dominating Niches on 8 July, 2009

    Wow, that is SOOooooooooooo. Cool.

    How long did it take you to hit 1 Million?????????

  16. Jean
    By Jean on 8 July, 2009

    How long does it take you to create one plugin? What is the total amount of work hours standing behind those 1mil downloads? Just curious… :)

  17. steve macleod
    By steve macleod on 8 July, 2009

    One million, what an astonishing achievement.

    Well done mate, the d/ls are excellent btw.

  18. just Guido
    By just Guido on 8 July, 2009

    That’s because they’re awesome sauce. ;-)
    Thanks for making them, hope you’ll keep them going.

  19. Dragon Blogger
    By Dragon Blogger on 8 July, 2009

    Congrats, I know I use several of those plug-ins across my 3 blogs

  20. Pallab
    By Pallab on 8 July, 2009

    Congrats. I use many of your plugins on my blog.

  21. Pawan
    By Pawan on 8 July, 2009

    Congrats … you have been real helpful in setting up my website :-)

  22. Wordsmoker
    By Wordsmoker on 8 July, 2009

    You sound surprised at this! I’ve never had a problem with any of your plugins, and sometimes consider you the pinnacle of all human achievement.

    Yes. All Human Achievement.


  23. Champi
    By Champi on 8 July, 2009

    Nice results :), congrats..

  24. i.nconspicuo.us
    By i.nconspicuo.us on 8 July, 2009

    That is because you have the best plugins. Most user-friendly, self-explanatory and easy-to-use.

    Keep up the good work buddy!

  25. Nicholas Z. Cardot
    By Nicholas Z. Cardot on 8 July, 2009

    Congratulations! Keep up the great work and I’m sure you’ll be at 2 million in no time! LOL.

  26. Yvon
    By Yvon on 8 July, 2009

    don’t you wish you had a nickel for each of those downloads? that would be $50,000!

  27. Ahmed
    By Ahmed on 8 July, 2009

    You have some good plugins thats why all download it

    iwsih you can hit 10 m

  28. Daniel
    By Daniel on 8 July, 2009

    Greets and congratulations! Your Plugins are really great! I am using the sociable tool! Well done! Keep up the good work!

  29. Andy Ghozali
    By Andy Ghozali on 8 July, 2009

    I use at least 3 of those :P thanks a bunch mate.

  30. Referáty
    By Referáty on 9 July, 2009

    Congrats! You are very good programmer btw ;)

  31. Hooshmand Moslemi
    By Hooshmand Moslemi on 9 July, 2009


    This is awesome stuff! Congratulation!

    Just keep up the good work!


    Hooshmand Moslemi

  32. Damon
    By Damon on 9 July, 2009

    Congratulation, you earned it!
    Keep it coming!

  33. HanaDaddy
    By HanaDaddy on 9 July, 2009

    I am using your sociable too! and it’s the best social plugin that I tried. Thank you

  34. Patrick
    By Patrick on 9 July, 2009

    Congratulations with this great achievement!

    I have used your plugins more then once. Great work and many thanks!

    Looking forward to thanking you in person at WordCampNL.



  35. Michael
    By Michael on 9 July, 2009

    Congrats Joost, I am not surprised though. Love your plug ins and your work. They have been a huge help to my blog so thanks for that.


  36. Scott Prehoda
    By Scott Prehoda on 9 July, 2009

    Congrats! You have definitely helped my poor little blog get up and running!

  37. Andy in Tenerife
    By Andy in Tenerife on 9 July, 2009

    Well done, I think I am using a couple – need to have a look and check.

    Why oh why did you not charge everyone a measly dollar??!!!! – Just kidding but do your plugins all have a link back to one of your sites?

  38. Zemalf
    By Zemalf on 9 July, 2009

    Congrats Joost! I’ve been heavy user of many of your plugins since I discovered them. Keep up the good work – I think it’ll be 2M in no time :)

  39. Matt Inertia
    By Matt Inertia on 9 July, 2009

    Im pretty sure 50% of those are me?!

  40. Adam W. Warner
    By Adam W. Warner on 9 July, 2009

    Congrats! By the way, is there any way to filter plugins on the repository by plugin author?

  41. LiveInformant
    By LiveInformant on 9 July, 2009

    Congrats man, that’s awesome.

    I don’t really follow your blog but I use your “WordPress SEO” article religiously. So I would like to believe I played a small part in your success. ;)

  42. Dirk
    By Dirk on 9 July, 2009

    Sociable rocks! :)

  43. Karl Foxley
    By Karl Foxley on 9 July, 2009

    That is an amazing achievement… congrats!

  44. Ronnie Sullivan
    By Ronnie Sullivan on 10 July, 2009

    Great achievement.

  45. wongsableng
    By wongsableng on 10 July, 2009

    Congratulations for a job well done, keep posting

  46. Pirincho Crespo
    By Pirincho Crespo on 10 July, 2009

    Congratulations! and thank you. I use many of your plugins.

  47. Bunlin
    By Bunlin on 10 July, 2009

    Thanks for plugins.

  48. [keyword deleted]
    By [keyword deleted] on 10 July, 2009

    Congratulations joost! Keep making those awesome plugins.

  49. Taufiq Hasan
    By Taufiq Hasan on 10 July, 2009

    Congrats!!! Nice Plugins!!

  50. Catzie
    By Catzie on 10 July, 2009

    Wow, congratulations. :D Keep up the good work. :)

  51. Hugo
    By Hugo on 10 July, 2009

    Gefeliciflapstaart! Houden zo!

  52. Greg
    By Greg on 11 July, 2009

    Wow – that is an incredible achievement. You should feel proud to have achieved so much

  53. Vassilis Mastorostergios
    By Vassilis Mastorostergios on 11 July, 2009

    Others are happy when they reach 1 million visitors and there you got 1 million DOWNLOADS. Congrats and keep up the good work :)

  54. maria
    By maria on 11 July, 2009

    Wow, congratulations

  55. Henri
    By Henri on 11 July, 2009

    Up to the 2 million. Congrats, Joost!

  56. zeldman
    By zeldman on 12 July, 2009

    Congratulations! And well deserved. You do wonderful work.

  57. webmaster9
    By webmaster9 on 12 July, 2009

    Congratulations! You deserved it.

  58. Bob Greaker
    By Bob Greaker on 12 July, 2009

    It’s because you construct a great plugin – highly useful and never fails
    Keep up the good work and keep humble.

  59. 24Seven
    By 24Seven on 12 July, 2009

    With the impact that your plugins have in the WP community it is surprising that the total count is not higher. You can count us as users and aspiring coders to your level. Keep up the GREAT job and can’t wait to see whats next!

  60. The Ski Bum
    By The Ski Bum on 12 July, 2009

    I was going to say they should be higher numbers too. I use so many of these I though everyone else did to. I guess only serious blog heads know what to use.
    I wish there was a better way to keep track of them all in 2.8

  61. Oliver Schlöbe
    By Oliver Schlöbe on 12 July, 2009

    You wouldn’t even need Mint to have your total plugin downloads summed. wp.org does it for you too: http://wordpress.org/profile/joostdevalk/

  62. Ainun Nazieb
    By Ainun Nazieb on 13 July, 2009


    Keep up the good work and create more fantastic plugins!

  63. CDO Guide
    By CDO Guide on 13 July, 2009

    wwwoowww…congrats to u..u are doing greet to those plug in u made..waiting for the new and upgrade plug ins..:-)

  64. maria
    By maria on 13 July, 2009

    Congratulation, you earned it!
    Keep it coming!

  65. Malene
    By Malene on 13 July, 2009

    Well done! Fair play from a happy user

  66. King
    By King on 13 July, 2009

    Thanks for all your plugins. Looking forward for more…

  67. Web Design Showroom
    By Web Design Showroom on 14 July, 2009

    A big congrats to you my friend. I, like many others, appreciate all the hard work you put into developing your plugins…and there free!…I just can’t get over the kindness and dedication of people like you to produce work that really helps the community.

    It really is a happy place being a web designer in the WordPress Community

  68. Aris Kuckovic
    By Aris Kuckovic on 14 July, 2009

    I think a congratulations is in place :D
    Keep up the good work

    /Aris Kuckovic

  69. Faisal Rahadian
    By Faisal Rahadian on 14 July, 2009

    keep good working and congrats!! I use some of yours plugin

  70. xbox gamer
    By xbox gamer on 14 July, 2009

    Good work Joost, i have at least three from that list! Over a million downloads is quite some achievment

  71. Liane YoungBlogger
    By Liane YoungBlogger on 15 July, 2009

    Wow. That’s an amazing feat! :D

  72. MrGroove
    By MrGroove on 16 July, 2009

    Congrats and… Thank you. ;)

  73. scottbothel
    By scottbothel on 16 July, 2009

    Rock on! You are greatly appreciated!

  74. hendra
    By hendra on 20 July, 2009

    Wowow !!!!

    thank you for sharing all this wonderfull plugins, sory can’t donate yet

  75. CMS Themes
    By CMS Themes on 20 July, 2009

    Wow great achivement Yoast!
    Hope you can release a free WordPress theme too hehehe

  76. Muhammad Noer
    By Muhammad Noer on 24 July, 2009

    Great work Joost. Thank you for sharing all your hard work to the WordPress community.

  77. jooleeo
    By jooleeo on 24 July, 2009

    im part of that million, good work.

  78. Ryan
    By Ryan on 27 July, 2009

    My personal favorite is ‘Google Analytics for WordPress’. One million thats great, your software is great…

  79. Actiecode
    By Actiecode on 11 August, 2009

    We use 12 of your plugins on some ofl our websites. Especially thanks for Sociable!

  80. Rudi Mortensen
    By Rudi Mortensen on 16 August, 2009

    Wauw, that´s alot m8…

    Keep up the very good work, you are doing.

  81. Bewod
    By Bewod on 27 August, 2009

    Whoot, gratz, …. i’m one of it ! (maybe more than one in fact…!)

  82. Roy
    By Roy on 10 October, 2009

    Congratulations. A thanks from one of the users of Sociable and Canonical URL’s plugin.

    You’re plugins are simple to install, and works perfectly. :)

  83. SEO Specilaist
    By SEO Specilaist on 21 October, 2009

    wow, awesome, Congrats Joost, you deserve this. Hope to get some new plugin soon :)

  84. Lauryan Feijen
    By Lauryan Feijen on 26 November, 2009

    Good to see that, i’m using a few of them at my site now, thank you!

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