Users to CSV WordPress plugin

Kickstart your mailinglist!

Sometimes you have a well running blog, and you decide you want to create a mailinglist. What’s easier than to kickstart it by exporting the list of your blog’s users, or even all your commenters, to a CSV file, and importing that into your mailinglist software? Nothing. Right. But where’s the export button?

This plugin adds just that: an admin screen under users with two links: one to export the users, one to export all the unique commenters on your blog. See for yourself:

Screenshot of users to csv admin interface

Now that’s all you wanted, isn’t it? Well then download it from this page on, making sure auto-update will work.

This plugin relies heavily on code from the IAM CSVDump class, thx for some nice code!


Version 1.2: Made sure the first name, last name and nickname are in the export, and removed some of the unnecessary fields.
Version 1.0: Original release.