Prevent outdated content with the stale cornerstone content filter

  • Keep your most important content up to date
  • Let us remind you when your content needs updating
  • No more outdated content that leads to a high bounce rate
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When people visit your site, you don’t want them to read stuff that’s no longer relevant. As this might lead to them clicking away. But, it can be quite hard to keep a clear overview of your content. And, it can be even harder to see if it’s all up to date. That’s where Yoast SEO comes in! The stale cornerstone content filter in Yoast SEO reminds you to update your most important content.

We alert you when your content is outdated

Keeping your cornerstone fresh ensures readers that your information is still accurate en relevant. The stale cornerstone content filter in Yoast SEO monitors the posts you’ve marked as your most important content, cornerstone content, and warns if you haven’t updated them for 6 months.

✅ It lowers your bounce rate

If you as a reader stumble upon information that is outdated on a certain website, it will probably stop you from visiting that site the next time you need information on that topic. If you manage to serve your readers with content that’s both relevant and up to date, it will hopefully reduce your post’s bounce rate.

✅ You’ll become a trustworthy source of information

Keeping your content updated shows readers that your site is very much alive and that your content is worth reading.

✅ It’ll give you the opportunity to link to new content

If you check your most important content regularly, this will give you the opportunity to link to the content you’ve created over the last period of time. This will create a web of relevant information on a certain topic.

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