Yoast SEO Internal linking suggestions

  • Pick related links to other posts, faster than ever
  • Start typing and the suggestions will appear
  • Copy links or drag and drop them in your post
  • Find perfect relevant links without leaving the editor
  • A must have tool to create a flawless site structure
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If you want to rank well, your site structure needs to be impeccable. One way to link your posts and pages together is by creating links. Hand-picked, relevant links offer the best possible way of doing this. Automation will not give you quality results. Until now.

Yoast SEO shows you how many internal text links you have in your post, and how many internal links there are to a post. If an important post gets little links, you know you’ll have to add links to that post!

The process of adding links by hand used to be slow, tedious and downright annoying though. That’s one of the reasons why related posts plugins started popping up, albeit these are notoriously sluggish and give subpar results. There’s now a better, super fast way of adding relevant links to posts: Yoast SEO Premium features a new tool called Internal linking. This tool works for selected languages.

Copy paste, drag and drop

Internal linking makes use of the Insights tool in Yoast SEO. Insights collects the most prominent words in the blog post you are writing. The new linking tool uses this data to find the best fitting posts, while you are writing. On the right-hand side of your editor, you’ll find a box with a whole slew of links. The list is organized; the link at the top has fitted best with your new post.

Yoast Insights and Internal Linking

Left: prominent words in a post. Right: the link suggestions from Yoast Internal linking

Once your article is analyzed and the relevant links have been presented, you can pick the one you like best and copy the link on a relevant spot in your new blog post. If your browser supports it, you can also drag and drop the link.

To learn more about the workings of this innovative feature and the importance of internal linking for your site structure, please read the following articles:

Check out how it works in the video below:

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