Creating a Google Analytics filter for image search

If you’ve applied my Google Analytics image search “hack”, or you’re using my Google Analytics WordPress plugin, you might want to create a profile to filter out all normal searches so you can see which keywords where used in image search, and the exact opposite of that filter, to see which keywords were used in “normal” search.

To create a new profile, click this link in the lower left of your Analytics settings screen:

Add Profile

Then on the following screen, select “Add a Profile for an existing domain:

Add a profile for an existing domain

And name the profile with either “Image Searches” or “Without image search”, and click Finish. Once you’ve clicked Finish, you’ll be redirected back to your Profile overview. Find your new profile here, and click on “Edit”. You’re now entering the profile settings for this new profile, where you can add a filter:


Once you click “Add Filter”, you’ll see this:

Add Filter step 1

Now do the following:

  1. Name your filter
  2. Select “Custom filter” from the dropdown, a few things will be added to the page
  3. Select “Include” from the radio buttons that appear
  4. Select “Referral” from the dropdown tht has appeared after clicking “Custom filter”
  5. Insert the following filter pattern ^*$

It should now look like this:

The final filter

If it does, you can click finish, and you’re done! After about 24 hours you should be seeing data in this new profile.