A week with us: WordPress 5.9.1 is released

WordPress 5.9.1 was released a few days ago with the participation of several members of our team. Other than that, the team continues to work on its usual projects and its main goal, to make WordPress better one day at a time.

Our weekly updates


WordPress 5.9.1

Last week I continued triaging and reviewing tickets for the next minor release, WordPress 5.9.1. This was a maintenance release that featured 82 bug fixes in both Core and the block editor. If you have sites that support automatic background updates, they have already started the update process.

WordPress 6.0

I also continued looking into some early tickets for WordPress 6.0, as part of my duties as a Core Committer.

I made 17 commits to WordPress core, mostly various bug fixes and enhancements. Besides that, I triaged new tickets incoming into Trac (the bug tracking system that WordPress uses).


This week most of my time was dedicated to an internal Yoast project. I’m learning a lot of things that I am hoping we can then implement in WordPress and Gutenberg, and I enjoy working with my colleagues after a long time.

On the Gutenberg front, most of my time was dedicated to improving the webfonts API. My hope is that we can get this API merged in Gutenberg on time for WordPress 6.0, so this is a time-sensitive issue. If you want to help us move forward with this, you can read more about it in the GitHub ticket on #37140.


This week I have been working on an internal project, together with members of a different team at Yoast. I have not had much time to work in Gutenberg issues, but I did some exploration of different placeholders for the “no results” block that I have mentioned earlier.

Today, Thursday, the whole team is participating in an internal “Dev day”. We will learn about automated testing, plugin translations, and deprecations in PHP 8.1, and I’m looking forward to that.


I continue this week to work on the migration of Gutenberg E2E tests to Playwright. Besides being important, it’s a great exercise in learning how the Gutenberg infrastructure works, and also the challenges that such a migration entails. You can always keep an eye on these two PRs (38570 and 38949) and on this issue to follow our progress.

With Ari, we discussed how it worked for me to focus on one task at a time. And we came to the conclusion that it might be beneficial to have an extra project/task that I dedicate a day or two to during the week.