How to stand out in Goole’s search results?


Everyone wants to stand out in Google’s search results because this can result in more traffic to your website! In this workshop, Taco explained step-by-step how you can help Google understand your site with Yoast SEO:

  1. Install Yoast SEO: Installing Yoast SEO adds its advanced Schema Graph to your site. Don’t forget to run the onboarding wizard to set all the essentials!
  2. Configure your site: Fill out the user profile of all of your authors and change the default schema settings on special pages, like your contact page and about page.
  3. Use Yoast blocks: Use the FAQHow-to and estimated reading times blocks to automatically add structured data to your posts and pages.

Topics discussed in this workshop

Timestamps indicate when the topic comes up in the recording

  • 0:13 – Workshop agenda
  • 3:10 – Google’s regular snippet
  • 5:19 – Examples of rich results
  • 9:54 – Exercise 1: Do you have rich results?
  • 14:44 – Ways to stand out in Google
  • 21:10 – Exercise 2: Find out if you’re knowledge graph is correct
  • 25:00 – Help Google understand your website
  • 32:28 – What is
  • 34:53 – Exercise 3: What metadata could be on your site?
  • 36:48 – How Yoast SEO helps
  • 41:46 – Yoast SEO FAQ & How-to blocks
  • 44:08 – Summary
  • 46:53 – Q&A

Taco Verdonschot

Taco Verdonschot is support & community manager at Yoast. He’s leading both our Support team and our Community team. Taco is passionate about WordPress, translating, hanging out with friends and making new ones.

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