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Yoast's mission explained

Yoast’s mission: SEO for everyone

Our mission is ‘SEO for everyone’. We keep that in mind, in everything we do. But what do we mean by it? And why is it our mission? In this post, I’d like to explain Yoast’s mission.

A little bit of history

To understand why we pursue this mission, we’ll have to go back in history. Let’s start in 2006: Joost de Valk was building SEO plugins because he strongly believed that everyone could benefit from the SEO knowledge he had collected in his work for large agencies. As a WordPress fanboy, he could quickly translate his technical SEO skills into a useful plugin for WordPress.

The WordPress SEO plugin, which was rebranded to Yoast SEO later on, got an enormous amount of users. What’s more, Joost received an overwhelming number of support requests and was unable to handle those, as he was still working for an agency as well. At that point, Joost decided to start his own company. Selling premium plugins and doing a little bit of consultancy enabled him to further invest time and resources into the free Yoast SEO plugin as well. This allowed us to improve the quality and features of our products, and also resulted in a growing company. Moreover, it meant we could further define our mission.

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WordPress’ mission and Yoast’s mission

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Basic SEO training Info
The mission of WordPress is to democratize publishing with open-source GPL (General Public License) software. Yoast’s mission builds on WordPress’ mission, just as Yoast’s software is an extension of the software of WordPress. Everybody can create a website using WordPress. However, not everyone is able to rank in the search engines. In some niches, the search results are dominated by large companies with even larger marketing budgets. The Yoast SEO plugin, combined with the SEO knowledge Yoast shares, enables small entrepreneurs to compete with these large companies.

A ‘fair’ chance in the search results

We believe the web will benefit from all people having an equal chance in the search results. We would love for great new ideas and inventions to spread over the world. And great ideas don’t always come from large agencies but are created everywhere around the world. That’s why we believe that every idea should have a fair chance in the search results. WordPress and Yoast SEO cover most of the technical SEO challenges of a website. But to seriously compete with the big boys, every website owner still faces content SEO challenges. In our blog posts, we explain to our audience how to write awesome and SEO-friendly content and how to set up a decent site structure. Using the Yoast SEO plugin and reading our posts should help everyone to have a fair chance in the search results. That’s what ‘SEO for everyone’ is all about.

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Making money and maintaining the mission

Pursuing our mission doesn’t mean we’re not making any money while doing so. On the contrary: the company Yoast is thriving. The money we make enables us to keep on pursuing our mission. We continue to tweak and improve our plugins and we write more and more articles about SEO. Making money makes pursuing ‘SEO for everyone’ easier. We can have a bigger impact. And, it allows us to contribute more and more to WordPress core.

The premium version of Yoast SEO has some practical features, which will make SEO a lot easier. However, all essential features you need to have that fair chance in the search engines, are available and will remain in our free plugin. Our online courses are powerful to quickly learn about (one or multiple aspects) of SEO. But all the SEO information you need is also available in our many blog posts. It’s important to us that everyone – even if you haven’t got much money to spend – can benefit from our SEO products.

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14 Responses to Yoast’s mission: SEO for everyone

  1. Ramesh Reddy
    By Ramesh Reddy on 26 August, 2017

    Your mission is good and very helpful for me.Today Iam using Yoast SEO plugin for my website to do the SEO.It is very helpful in finding the errors and correcting it.

  2. Smuf
    By Smuf on 21 August, 2017

    I love it your mission and after using your plugin my website improve day by day

  3. Svetlana Stankovic
    By Svetlana Stankovic on 20 August, 2017

    Great content, and I support Yoast’s mission completely. All websites should have at least a basic SEO setup and plugin, and I think that whole tech community should support making it easier for website owners.

  4. Sebastian
    By Sebastian on 19 August, 2017

    Hi Marieke,

    while I’m sure a lot of us appreciate the mission Joost gave himself (and the team at Yoast is working on) I’m not sure how I feel about it. ‘SEO for everyone’
    While that is a honorable goal I don’t know if it is possible for a small team like yours to really make that possible.
    Yes, you have millions of users of your plugin so you _are_ making a dent in the space, no question about that.
    It’s just that there is so much information regarding SEO and so many tests are being conducted every day that a lot of times a lot of advice is new, old, false, correct for one project but not another and so on.
    It’s not easy to really give SEO advice that really works and is up to date. So that’s why I’m indifferent with his mission. Thanks for listening.

  5. Oleg
    By Oleg on 18 August, 2017

    Beautiful plugin – it is not even discussed. And, what is particularly pleasing is the support team clarifies all the nuances of the settings and use.
    I wish you success. With respect

    • Marieke
      By Marieke on 18 August, 2017

      Glad you appreciate it, thanks!

  6. Pattipie
    By Pattipie on 17 August, 2017

    This is a great story! I love small pieces of inspiration! Thank you fr your work!

  7. Cindy Candrea
    By Cindy Candrea on 17 August, 2017

    You have a great mission and being a small business owner and I don’t know anything about seo or word press but yet my business relies 100% on my website I am glad that there are companies like yours to help people like me.

    • Marieke
      By Marieke on 18 August, 2017

      We’re glad to help!

  8. Woody
    By Woody on 17 August, 2017

    Such a cool way of doing it, announcing as a mission. Keep up the epic work Yoast, I know we’ll always use your SEO plugin :D

    • Marieke
      By Marieke on 18 August, 2017

      That’s awesome, thanks!

  9. Olivia Evans
    By Olivia Evans on 17 August, 2017

    Great plugin with great mission! Very impressive! Working great for my blog.

  10. Rahul Kumar Shandilya
    By Rahul Kumar Shandilya on 17 August, 2017

    Pretty cool. I wanted to read more about the history but I am still content with what was presented. Love reading success stories! Thank you for sharing this article

  11. Jayash Verma
    By Jayash Verma on 16 August, 2017

    It’s work great for my blog. Makes a lot of work easier than before thank you so much. I also have a blog on blogger, is there any plans to help other bloggers in future.

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