Development 40 hours a week Wijchen, the Netherlands

Technical leadership will be key in your role as a software architect. Our software architects solve big picture problems. You will be challenged by complex issues that require your smartly designed programs and systems to be tackled. So, software development is part of the job but will not be your primary task.

Along with the other software architects, you’ll be the engine and hub of our development team. Your knowledge, skills and experience will shape how development at Yoast works. You’ll also help (junior) developers learn and grow.  When they face challenges, you’ll be the one they turn to for expert advice.

Preferably you have some experience with (some of) the technology we use, like WordPress, PHP and (modern) JavaScript. You are familiar with design patterns and coding principles like SOLID and TDD and are able to explain and think in different programming paradigms (like functional vs OOP).

You will be contributing to a product that more than 11 million people are using over the whole wide world. Doesn’t that sound awesome?!

For this job, you need to have:

  • multiple years of software development experience
  • the ability to clearly explain things to your colleagues
  • the ability to learn fast
  • quickly familiarize yourself with new codebases and frameworks
  • be able to think in highly abstract terms and systems

For this position, we require your professional and intellectual capacities to be of higher professional education or academic level (hbo/wo).

We’d prefer you to speak Dutch and English. We would expect you to work out of our office in Wijchen, NL (near Nijmegen). This means that we do not hire remotely, or relocate employees.

What we're offering

  • A chance to work on some of the most used web software in the world, currently used by more than 11 million websites!
  • A young, fast-growing company that wants to seize opportunities with you.
  • A pleasant, challenging and innovative work atmosphere in Wijchen.
  • The opportunity to learn a lot in a short time, at one of the leading SEO companies.
  • Daily stand-ups to improve communication and give team members feedback on their work.
  • Monthly hack days to enable you to experiment with new technologies.
  • You’ll join a team of skilled, experienced and passionate developers.
  • A competitive salary, of course.
  • Fully paid lunch break.
  • Plus many other benefits, including a great pension plan fully paid by Yoast.

Besides that, we do a lot of cool stuff together, like our annual LEGO build days. But most importantly, we offer an innovative learning environment.

The application process consists of three, maybe four, parts: an introductory job interview, one or two practical interviews, and a final meeting. These steps might take place on multiple days. A social media screening might be part of the procedure.

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Apply before 30th of November 2020
(Our recruitment code applies to all applications)

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Apply before: 30th of November 2020

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About Yoast

Yoast consists of a rapidly growing team of internet enthusiasts. We’re a start-up with a very good international reputation when it comes to SEO and website optimization. Multiple times per week we publish free SEO and/or web development related articles on our blogs. We organize MeetUps and speak at conferences.

At Yoast, we are very community-minded and highly value Open Source. We provide both free and paid plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Magento 2 and TYPO3, and are always looking to expand our field of work. Besides software, we sell online (SEO) courses in our Yoast Academy.

Our company is continuously in development. We create a lot of new products. Next to ongoing improvements of our Yoast SEO plugins, we publish courses on a frequent basis. The development of new products is mostly done internally and is a real team effort. Our team consists of authors, illustrators, marketeers, developers, and researchers. Together, we build new innovative SEO products!