Social Profiles Missing From Google’s Knowledge Graph

Google documentation recommends:

  • Verify that your markup is well-formed and can be processed by Google using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. When Google next crawls the page, its indexing algorithms will process the profiles from your markup and make them eligible to be used in search results. You can ask Google to crawl the page by following the instructions here. Please note that this process may take up to a week.
  • Check that your social media profiles are verified. Google does not show unverified profiles (for social media sites that allow verification).
  • If all looks correct, and you have waited at least one week since your marked-up page was last crawled by Google, report the missing events using the small “Feedback” link under the Knowledge Graph panel in Google search. Click “Wrong?” on your company’s name and explain the problem, being sure to use the term “social profiles” in your description of the problem.