How to sign up for the Yoast Translate Slack?

Yoast Translate Slack is the main communications channel for everything related to Yoast Translate. You can find the validators for your language, ask general and language-specific questions and just chat with like-minded people. All you have to do to be in touch with the community is to sign up for Yoast Translate Slack. That’s easy!

There are two steps in creating an account for Yoast Translate Slack.

  1. Creating a email address
    (you can skip this step if you’re already on the Making WordPress Slack workspace)
  2. Creating your Yoast Translate Slack account

Creating an email address

Creating your own email address is quite simple.

Go to

Scroll down to ‘Joining the WordPress team on Slack’ and click the link to Log in (if you aren’t logged in already)
Note: If you don’t have a account yet, you can register for free.

Log in on

Once logged in, you’ll be taken back to where the contents of ‘Joining the WordPress team on Slack’ have changed. You are now presented with the “fine print”. After reading it, just click ‘I understand. Please send me an invite.’ to continue.

You’re now taken to the confirmation page and will receive your first email on your email address.

You can now use your email address to create a Yoast Translate Slack account.

Creating your Yoast Translate Slack account

Once you have your email address signing up for the Yoast Translate Slack is really easy. You’ll be chatting with other translators before you know it!

  1. Go to

  2. Fill in your username

  3. Open your email to confirm your email address by clicking the big green button.

  4. You can now fill in your username and password and click “Create Account”.

  5. Welcome to Yoast Translate Slack!

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