Error: The Yoast Link Statistics feature is currently disabled

In Yoast SEO 5.0 we’ve introduced a new feature: the Text Link Counter. For this feature to work Yoast SEO needs to create two tables in your database. Yoast SEO will show you an error message when we are unable to create these tables automatically.

For the health and safety of your site, we recommend making a backup of the database before making changes. If possible, you may prefer to set up a staging environment to limit the downtime for your live website. Some popular hosts offer quick setups for a staging site so please contact your host for assistance. If your host does not offer staging sites, this article will help you create a staging site.

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Ask Your Host

You don’t have to fix this yourself. You can ask your host to create these tables for you. You can use the following example mail to send to your host.


For the new Text Link Counter to work, Yoast SEO needs to create two new tables in our database. Yoast SEO automatically tries to create these tables, but failed to do so. Could you help me create these tables manually so I can use the new feature?

The tables should be called: {WordPress_table_prefix}yoast_seo_links and {WordPress_table_prefix}yoast_seo_meta


Tables already exist

In some cases, the plugin successfully creates the table but the error appears due to incorrect transient cache. Transient cache typically clears automatically within a few hours and the message will disappear and the link count functionality will be enabled.

What if my host provider won’t make the tables?

If you host provider is unable to create the tables for your website, you have two options:

  • Get a different host provider. Review the hosting companies that get the Yoast seal of approval here.
  • You or your developer can manually add the tables to the WordPress database.

Manually add tables

The steps may vary so we recommend asking your host for advice on how to manually edit the database. It may depend on the program they use or their specific setup. Your host provider would know more and can advise you on their preferred method. We do recommend prior to any changes taking a backup of the site or consider practicing on a staging site first.

Here is an example of how to manually create the tables. This code assumes you database prefix is the default wp_. If your database prefix is different, please replace wp_ with your custom prefix. The prefix is defined in the wp-config.php file.

If you need to stop Yoast from counting the text links completely you need to use a filter: wpseo_should_index_links. Below is an example code snippet you should place in your theme’s function.php file. If you are not sure how to add the code snippet or where it goes your theme developer can help. Adding the code snippet is expected to completely stop Yoast from counting the text links.

add_filter( 'wpseo_should_index_links', '__return_false' );