Add your Yoast SEO academy course certificate to your LinkedIn profile

Congratulations on completing your Yoast SEO academy course! Now that you’ve gained new knowledge and skills, you’ll want to show off your new expertise on LinkedIn. In this article, we’ll explain how you can add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile. 

How to download your Yoast SEO academy certificate

Once you’ve completed a course, you can download your certificate from the Yoast SEO academy. You can download this file in two different ways.

  • 1. Download your certificate after completing the course
    When you have completed your course, you can immediately download your certificate. Click on ‘download certificate’ at the top of the page: this will take you to a page where you can print or save your certificate.
A screenshot of the completion page for the SEO for beginners course, with an arrow pointing to the download certificate button
  • 2. Download your certificate from the course overview
    You can also download the certificate by going to the Yoast SEO Academy My Courses homepage. Click on ‘View my certificate’ under any of the courses you’ve completed. You’ll see a separate page where you can download and print your certificate.
A screenshot of the View your certificate button

How to add your Yoast SEO academy certificate to your LinkedIn profile

Once you’ve downloaded your Yoast SEO academy certificate, follow the steps below to add it to your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Log into LinkedIn and go to your profile

    When you’ve logged into your LinkedIn profile, click on ‘Add a profile section’, choosing ‘Recommended’ and ‘Add licenses & certifications’A screenshot of a LinkedIn profile, with purple boxes around add profile section and add licenses & certifications

  2. Fill in the form

    Fill in the details of the form. You can include the name of the course, Yoast as the issuing organization, as well as the date that you completed your course. Under skills, you can add the skills you’ve gained. the Add license or certification screen

  3. Add your certificate

    You can also upload your certificate by clicking the ‘Add media’ button. Here, you can also provide a description about the course. Click on ‘Apply’ to attach your certificate to the certification. A screenshot of the add media menu

  4. Save your certification

    When you return to the ‘add license or certification’ menu, click on ‘Save’ to add your new Yoast SEO academy certificate to your LinkedIn page. a screenshot of the add license or certification screen, with a purple box around the save button

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