Google Analytics eCommerce tracking

Google Analytics eCommerce tracking

September 17th, 2014 – 11 Comments

We’ve rebuilt our Google Analytics eCommerce tracking plugin and added support for WooCommerce! Read on to learn why you should buy it today. If you want to optimize your shops sales, you need to make sure you connect your visitor data to your transaction data. This plugin does just that. We’ve made transaction tracking so reliable that we can now confidently say our plugin should not miss a single sale.

eCommerce tracking allows you to do all sorts of nice reporting in Google Analytics, on which Thijs will be writing a few posts in the coming months, but let me show you the sort of reports you can get just by enabling the plugin and enabling eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics:

eCommerce overview - Google Analytics

99.9% reliable eCommerce tracking

Google introduce a new feature with Universal: a collections API that allows us to send calls on the server side instead of with JavaScript. This means that when a customer finishes a transaction, the plugin can immediately track it, instead of hoping the customer will reach the thank you page. The plugin can do this while still connecting the sale to the customers session. Because of that, your Google Analytics eCommerce tracking becomes almost 100% reliable. Almost, because there might be the odd occasion where your server errors in sending the request and we don’t want you suing us ;)

This new tracking method also means that when you refund a transaction, the transaction gets reversed in Google Analytics. This makes your Analytics data even more reliable and therefore much more useful.

This Google Analytics eCommerce tracking extension is the first premium extension specifically made for the new version 5 of our free Google Analytics plugin. From $49 for a single site, you can have the best e-commerce reports available.

Super simple installation

The plugin has no settings. You install, activate, enter your license key and activate the license so updates will flow in and you’re done:

installed analytics ecommerce tracking


WooCommerce bundle

woocommerce logoAs some of you might have noticed, this is our second WooCommerce offering; we also have our WooCommerce SEO plugin. We’ve bundled the two together in a new Yoast WooCommerce bundle for our most loyal users! If you use both our Yoast SEO plugin as well as our Google Analytics plugin this bundle will save you a lot of money.

Check out the Yoast WooCommerce bundle here or read more about the GA eCommerce tracking plugin!

11 Responses to Google Analytics eCommerce tracking

  1. Olivier Karfis
    By Olivier Karfis on 24 September, 2014

    Just bought the plugin as I was super excited to finally have server side tracking unfortunately, had to disable it after the first transaction.

    Both the SKU and the order numbers reported from the WooCommerce transaction are different from the built-in WooCommerce plugin. The SKU is actually the product ID (not the actual SKU field from the Product page) and the order number is actually the raw order post ID that does not take into account the Sequential Order Number (Pro) extension that most serious WooCommerce merchants are most likely using.

    Transaction ID screenshot:
    SKU screenshot:

    I LOVE Yoast products but unfortunately, until this is resolved, it’s not a viable alternative to the built-in WooCommerce one. I’ll wait patiently for you to hopefully build that support in.


  2. Peder Songedal
    By Peder Songedal on 23 September, 2014

    I do wonder what is the difference between your plugin and the one that Woothemes make for Woocommerce?

  3. Derek Ashauer
    By Derek Ashauer on 19 September, 2014

    We bought the EDD plugin you made a while back. That appears to be no longer maintained. Would you honor that past purchase and give access to this new version?

  4. Jeff Klingberg
    By Jeff Klingberg on 19 September, 2014

    Can this ecommerce analytics add-in be used on non WordPress sites, like ASP.NET and nopcommerce? I have a client who could use this Google Analytics for their digital download store.

  5. Boudewijn
    By Boudewijn on 18 September, 2014

    Looks interesting Joost!
    I think I will try you WooCommerce SEO plugin as well.

  6. Doug Smith
    By Doug Smith on 18 September, 2014

    Is there a way to upgrade to the bundle for those of us who already purchased Yoast WooCommerce SEO? I’m not seeing that in the upgrade options.

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 18 September, 2014

      Hey Doug,

      no, because we upped the price of WooCommerce SEO as well, so that wouldn’t actually be cheaper :) You’d be better off just buying the ecommerce tracking extension on its own.

      • Doug Smith
        By Doug Smith on 18 September, 2014

        Thanks. I’m happy to support your excellent work either way!

        One other question. WooThemes has a WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin. Is your plugin a full replacement or should they both be run alongside each other?

        • Joost de Valk
          By Joost de Valk on 18 September, 2014

          It’s a full replacement!

  7. Pablo
    By Pablo on 18 September, 2014

    I’ve just installed the plugin and a this message “Google Analytics E-Commerse Tracking requires at least version 5.0.6 of Yoast Google Analytics, please be sure that you have the latest version installed” appears on my WP dashboard. Google Analytics by Yoast is updated to the last version (5.0.6) so I don’t know what is going wrong. Great job by the way, the SEO plugin is wonderful. Thanks

  8. SagePress
    By SagePress on 17 September, 2014

    Thank you for this team YOAST!

    We are currently working on an eCommerce website build and this will be perfect for our customer.



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