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HTML <link> elements, also called HTML <link> tags, are bits in the HTML of a website that specify the relation between the current document and an external resource. They look like this: link rel= "..." and can be used for all kinds of things, like importing a stylesheet. SEO related link elements are, for instance, the rel=”canonical” link element, which is used to avoid duplicate content issues.

Getting the hang of using these can be difficult. So it’s no wonder you may ask yourself if the search engines can make sense of all the tags in the HTML of your site. Let’s look into that for this week’s question!

Ryan Howard emails us this question:

We have both rel=’amphtml’ and rel=’canonical’ links on the non-AMP pages of our site. Does Google care if there are two link rel tags on a page?

Watch the video or read the transcript further down the page for my answer!

Google handling several link tags on a page

“Well, to be fair if you’re using WordPress you probably have a few more. You probably have a link to your RSS feeds and a couple of other things.

And no, Google doesn’t care. It can read very well what these things do. They all have their own purpose, it understands that. There’s no reason to worry about that whatsoever. Good luck.”

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    James Feddrick  • 11 months ago

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      Willemien Hallebeek  • 11 months ago

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      Willemien Hallebeek  • 11 months ago

      Hi Godwin, perhaps you can share a bit more about which part you don’t understand? Then it’s easier to help you :-)

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    techno Geek  • 12 months ago is one of the best places to learn about SEO. I am learning so many things related to SEO/Wordpress, which is not anywhere in my Textbooks.

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