Discover Enterprise WordPress on a University Budget

July 18, 2024
  • Speaking

The virtual event, which will start at 10AM ET, will explore how higher education institutions can leverage WordPress for innovative digital experiences without incurring high costs. It will feature expert speakers from universities and tech companies discussing successful projects, SEO strategies, multisite management, and web trends in higher education.

Our Principal SEO, Carolyn Shelby, will give a talk "Beyond the build: how to succeed with SEO in Higher Education". During her talk, Carolyn will explore practical strategies for maximizing the potential of WordPress-built websites in higher education.

By bringing real-life examples, key SEO trends, and best practice into the spotlight, this session will equip higher education professionals with the knowledge to transform their websites into powerful recruitment tools, capable of helping facilitate growth and success, as universities are forced to compete in an increasingly digital world.

Register for the event and explore the best WordPress projects in higher education 🤩.

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