Video SEO plugin API

The Video SEO plugin has an API to modify aspects of both its input and output.



Argument: $vid (array)

This filters the output of the video embed recognition functionality. The $vid array contains, at a minimum, either a player_loc or content_loc, a thumbnail_loc and type. You’ll need to know the type to filter the output, but you could use this filter to, for instance, add a duration.


Argument: $family-friendly (bool), $ID (int)


Argument: $rating (bool), $ID (int)

Useful for setting the rating for videos.


Argument: $str (bool), $ID (int)

Allows you to add extra content to the Video XML sitemap, $str defaults to empty.



Arguments: $content (string), $vid (array)

This filter is mainly useful if the input content needs to be modified, have stuff added, etc.

Make sure your videos are found by Google

  • Increase the findability of your videos
  • Show your videos in Google
  • Enhance the experience of sharing posts
  • Make videos responsive through fitvids.js.
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