WordPress generates shortlinks for your posts and pages. By default it uses the ?p= with the post ID added to it, but if you have a rather long domain name this isn’t extremely useful. If you use, or even better, Pro, this WordPress plugin will help you: it replaces the shortlink WordPress generates with a proper shortlink.

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How this WordPress plugin works

In WordPress 3.1+ it will also replace the Shortlink Admin bar menuitem with a new admin bar item, allowing easy access to the shortlink, the possibility to tweet it and the stats for that shortlink: WordPress plugin adminbar item

Clicking the main menu item or the submenu item Link will result in a prompt with the current page’s link:

Prompt with shortlink

Clicking Stats will open a new window with the link with a + added to it: the stats page for that link. Clicking Share on Twitter will open Twitter with the status set to the title of the post + the shortlink.

Of course this plugin also fixes the “Get Shortlink” button on your edit post / page pages, the one next to View Page:

Get Shortlink button


To work, the plugin needs a username and API key. You can find your API key on your Settings page. Then add the following to your site’s wp-config.php, anywhere before the “stop editing here” line. Don’t forget to replace “{your username}” and “{your API key}” with respectively your username and API key:

 * Settings for Shortlinks Plugin
define('BITLY_USERNAME', '{your username}');
define('BITLY_APIKEY', '{your API key}');

// optional, if you want to use URLs instead of URLs
define('BITLY_JMP', true);

Get it now!

Download this plugin