Joost's weekly SEO recap:

It’s not Panda, not Penguin, it’s… Brands!

This week we had quite a bit of news. But…. I’ve written about it all, already. So I’m gonna be a lazy guy and point you straight at the three posts I wrote this week on Google changes:

The week started with us not knowing much yet, but it’s good to read this to get an idea of what everybody thought had happened:

Then we realized it wasn’t really Penguin, so we moved on. We got the news that Google had made Google Panda a part of its core algorithm:

And finally, we figured out what had changed in Google and what this update was really about: brand terms. Read this post for the full view:

In all honesty, this is what we’d call, in Dutch “een storm in een glas water”, which translates as: “a storm in a glass of water”, basically: much ado about nothing.

That’s it, see you next week!

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Joost's weekly SEO recap series

8 Responses to It’s not Panda, not Penguin, it’s… Brands!

  1. Mahesh Dabade
    Mahesh Dabade  • 5 years ago

    Interesting recap. it is not panda, not penguin but some real time brands.

  2. vicace
    vicace  • 5 years ago

    the SEO market does change as time and you cannot hold your strategy based on one idea. you have to improve and change your strategy as time progresses… and impressive graphics.. thank you :)

  3. Alex
    Alex  • 5 years ago

    I’m not sure it’s late enough to really say that for sure though. Could easily encompass more terms than just branded terms also. Seen so much movement that I wouldn’t rule it out.

  4. Lindsay
    Lindsay  • 5 years ago

    We say “a storm in a teacup” – I love that expression!

    • George Citizen
      George Citizen  • 5 years ago

      Here in the US we more commonly say, “a tempest in teapot” which I always found humorous since we’re more a nation of coffee than tea drinkers! “A storm in a Starbuck’s cup” seems more culturally correct, but what do I know.

      (Good post Joost, Thanks!)

      • Joost de Valk

        Heh, a storm *over* a Starbuck’s cup, too close for comfort perhaps? :)

  5. Shaik Riyaz Moin
    Shaik Riyaz Moin  • 5 years ago

    well, it’s an detailed explanation regarding Google Updates. recently i have lost some my blogs, so i have to take care on my current blogs. Hope it helps.. thank you!

  6. Sy Abuzar
    Sy Abuzar  • 5 years ago

    OMG, This is Interesting SEO Recap, Like Google Update Penguin Real Time Informative Sharing,