Happy new year!

First of all, a happy new year to you all! This is the first weekly recap of 2016 and the first weekly recap of the last 3 weeks so we have a few weeks of news to cover. Luckily, we weren’t the only ones taking it slow, so it’s about a normal week’s worth of news.

Joost's weekly SEO Recap

Google “No country redirect” stops working, then comes back

For a short while I was slightly freaked out. You see, Google broke the NCR feature. NCR stands for No Country Redirect and allows you to go to google.com/ncr and it will not redirect you to your country’s local Google (in my case google.nl). Breaking that would force me into using a proxy all the time. Luckily, it’s back working now.

Google Search Analytics update

Google did an update to the Search Analytics in Google Search Console, a feature I love. The “full” report reads:

An update to web search logs analysis. This change may increase the total number of clicks and impressions.

It seems to have indeed increased the number of clicks & impressions on several sites I’ve seen, while changing nothing for some other sites.

Read more: Search Analytics in Google Search Console »

Google Knowledge Graph Search API

Google released an API to query its Knowledge Graph, replacing its old Freebase APIs. This could be a very useful API in specific fields, I’ll certainly be looking into what kind of interesting data it offers.

That’s it, see you next week!

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Joost's weekly SEO recap series

5 Responses to Happy new year!

  1. Khaled Omer
    Khaled Omer  • 3 years ago

    Good post, Joost! Thanks for the update!
    I wasn’t aware of the Google Search Analytics update!

  2. ZimAdverts
    ZimAdverts  • 3 years ago

    Happy New Year Joost. I agree that it seems to be currently rolling out. Am seeing changes. Glad its working in my favor though

  3. Basheer Orsala
    Basheer Orsala  • 3 years ago

    Happy new year to you. I felt sudden shake in Google rankings yesterday. I guess it’s penguin but still waiting for official news.

  4. Rob Stoubos
    Rob Stoubos  • 3 years ago

    Hi Joost, nice post and Happy New Year to you! I wasn’t aware about the Google Search Analytics update, I’ll have to keep an eye out on that for our clients.

    In addition, do you have any idea when the real-time Google Penguine algo update is coming? I was guessing somewhere between February – April 2016. What are your thoughts on when this will be realeased and its impact?

    • Joost de Valk

      Hey Rob,

      it looks like it’s currently rolling out to be honest…

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