How to optimize your product pages for Black Friday

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For all online stores, the most important sales are coming up: Black Friday and Cyber Monday! And if you want to have that edge over your competitors, you need well-optimized product pages. For upcoming Black Friday, for next year’s Black Friday, and for every other day of the year.

Are you continuously looking for opportunities to optimize your product pages for SEO and conversion? You’re in the right spot. Our CCO Thijs de Valk will talk you through the most important dos and don’ts in this workshop. You’ll leave with answers to questions like “How do I get featured into Google Shopping?”, “How can I increase my product page conversion?”, “What elements should always be on my product page?”.

Download a visualization of all product page must-haves

What will you learn?

  • How to optimize your product pages for SEO and conversion;
  • The difference between category and product page optimization;
  • Best practices from the Yoast experts ;
  • How Yoast WooCommerce SEO can help you with optimizing your SEO and content;

Thijs de Valk

Thijs is the CEO of Yoast. As a behavioural scientist, he’s interested in how people interact with our products, services and how they view our brand as a whole.

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